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- - By Mad_Accountant Date 20.08.15 11:42
I shall be going on Sunday 30th

Crossing Portsmouth/Fishbourne out on 8.00 am ferry, return 8.00pm.

My mobile 07976 390094 if interested in joining me or a meet up.
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 24.08.15 09:28
Anyone else for the Rally?
Parent - - By turbotully Date 24.08.15 11:58
The usual 3 idiot, will be there, Steve, Michael and myself will be there from early Saturday morning to Monday morning and are staying in Shanklin.
Parent - - By elmstones Date 28.08.15 20:18
I'm here anyway of course but have friend here Saturday and have the boys on Sunday so not sure if I'll make it to Ryde but hope to Sunday afternoon. Phil, have you still got my number?
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 29.08.15 19:59
John I don't have your number, kindly pm me.

Sorry to let the side down, Jan is with me so I'm crossing at 8.00 am Sunday in my camper van. We will park up in Ryde and hole up until after the ride out.

I'm on 07976 390094 but I'll look out for the C1s.

Enjoy your evening and day tomorrow everyone.

Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 30.08.15 15:42
We've had a great day first meeting up with Allan & Debs then with Stephen, Michael & Terence flying the flag admirably on their C1s.

It's a great weekend, I love the traditional scooter scene, they are a fun and crazy bunch but we can't argue with the numbers, 250 ish at the BMW mational Rally (from a club membership of 6,000) and there were five to six thousand scooters on the Island !!

Next year I may bring the 300 miler but I could also bring my new PX, but I doubt that will happen.

Well done guys, a good day was had etc .......
Parent - By elmstones Date 01.09.15 22:44
And I missed Al :-(
Parent - - By elmstones Date 23.08.16 21:08
Anyone over here this year?
Parent - - By p.gill Date 24.08.16 04:59
I'll be coming on my white C1, along with the misses on her PCX, looking forward to meeting up!
Parent - - By elmstones Date 24.08.16 07:00 Edited 28.08.16 18:52
Let me know what days you're about and I'll sort to meet up. John
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Parent - - By p.gill Date 28.08.16 16:41
Met up with John today on the Esplanade, it's always good to put a face to a name! What a nice chap, all the C1 owners I have met have been nice chaps!!!!!!!!!!  Hopefully John will post a photo or two!
Parent - By elmstones Date 28.08.16 18:55
Great to see you both today; photos load above. I tried to get them all to follow me a quarter hour early but as they didn't I pulled up and took pictures instead of joining the ride out. Hope you enjoyed the monkeys and if you're ever going to go into production on the phone bar sign me up please? :-)
Parent - By elmstones Date 01.09.15 22:43
Well I got to see the 3 C1s parked up at Haven Street but unfortunately Life with Fred intervened and couldn't attend the rally and meet anyone; hope you all had a good time.
Parent - - By Jaye Date 01.08.17 11:22
I have booked the 11:00 ferry from Portsmouth for Sat 26th Aug along with others from the C1 FB group on the same crossing..

I have asked the organisers if there is anywhere we can congregate in the Stadium..

Parent - By elmstones Date 26.08.17 07:58
Jaye, text me when here and I'll try and meet up; likely to be down the seafront when you get across. John 07976509072.
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