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- - By Mad_Accountant Date 21.01.15 16:20
Does anyone fancy meeting at the Ace Cafe?

They tend to have various themed meets so if the location appeals I can sort out some possible dates. I've been there for a scooter evening, I was the only c1 there :-)
Parent - By Ultrablast Date 21.01.15 16:47
I go down to the Ace quite often on the GS but I must confess to never having ridden the C1 down. Sounds like a good idea but I could really only do weekends. Just have to make sure its not Nissan Skyline day.

They do a great breakfast...
Parent - - By chrisbarbers Date 21.01.15 21:20
If mine is repaired shortly (next couple of weeks at most - I hope) and I can find a decent route down from Peterborough (L Plates on 125) I would be up for it.
Parent - By Bruce Date 18.02.15 09:51
If you come down the A1 & I get a day pass I'd join you at Bedford and ride with.
(Unless I've missed it)
Parent - By rockstedy Date 21.01.15 21:20
I am also happy to join- this time even broken C1 won't stop me as 2'nd is ready to go.
Parent - - By dobedobedo Date 22.01.15 00:11
Do they serve anyone with an engine smaller than 500cc?  Or perhaps only hot chocolate.  I'n up for it.

Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 22.01.15 10:36
Ok good, I'll look into some dates.
Parent - By gooner Date 22.01.15 11:03
I will go as long as it is not on a match day.
Parent - By jez1627 Date 18.02.15 13:50
I am collecting my 2003 c1 exec 200 from Yorkshire on Monday then riding the 140 miles back home to Shropshire! First time with the c1 but I have a number of bigger machines and have been riding for nearly 40 years so hope it all works out! Always fancied a c1 and decided it was time to 'go for it', I am always attracted to the more 'left field' things in life and hope I am not disappointed this time.
In relation to your thread I am moving to Richmond o T in March and hence now have a real excuse to own one, I have never seen another in Shropshire. Hope to spend much time riding around London and look forward to meeting a few like minded individuals so your suggestion of a meet at the Ace Cafe appeals. Never been there but place is legendary. Great site and forum, have read the 'new owners' thread so feel I am good to go. Will let you know how I get on and wish me luck. Regards, Jez
Parent - By Magoo Date 28.07.15 14:01
Yes I would like to join you. How about this Sunday?
Parent - - By Magoo Date 12.04.16 11:34
If there was a date at the ACE I would come along
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 12.04.16 12:22
Jez are you in Richmond yet?

I'm SO close !

Let's get a few of us to the ACE Cafe, I'll check their calendar and get back to you.
Parent - - By Magoo Date 22.04.16 19:53
Hi I am in Chiswick so we have a West London "chapter"
Parent - By Mad_Accountant Date 23.04.16 06:59
Hi Magoo, (I presume we address you as Mr ?)

Would you be up for a meet?

My contact number is 07976 390094 and I'm based near Staines. As I'm now retired my availability is fairly flexible.


Up Topic C1 Owners Meetings & Photos / Forthcoming Events / London meet

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