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- - By Gerard Date 13.06.14 09:52

This is a reach out to anyone near the above cities / regions who are attending the C1 Meeting next week.

Simon and I will be travelling from the UK on Wednesday 18th June and our route plan takes us in the region of these cities.

We plan to stop Wednesday night, see some sites if we have time and then have a leisurely ride to the meeting on Thursday.

Is there anyone who we could meet up with for the Thursday run to the meeting, or even better the night before for a beer and a meal. Don't worry, we plan to stay in a hotel, but we thought it would be nice to meet up with our C1 continental cousins.

Parent - - By patc50 Date 14.06.14 11:57
Similar request to the message above - I'm taking the Wednesday evening ferry from Harwich to the Hook of Holland and I hope to meet Paul (p.gill) at Harwich.  I'm sure I will recognise him as, like me, he will be riding a funny C1 thing!  We will be travelling through Holland and in to Germany on the Thursday morning so if other C1-ers see us then please come and say hello.


Parent - - By Simon Date 14.06.14 17:02
Gerard and myself are staying over night Wednesday in Ghent. Hopefully our paths will cross at some point if we engineer it?
Parent - - By patc50 Date 14.06.14 18:46
Hi Simon - I reckon that our route from the Hook of Holland will take us near the Arnhem and Nijmegan areas, both to the north of your route.  May be possible to meet around Dortmund or Unna?  Again, these may be too far north for you.
Parent - - By Simon Date 14.06.14 20:56
Definitely. But Dortmund looks a possible.  We need  to swop numbers and touch base maybe midday on Thursday to see where we're at.
Parent - - By patc50 Date 15.06.14 06:24
PM sent.

Parent - - By variobob Date 16.06.14 10:16
Why don't you guys meet in the Eindhoven region? It will mean a detour for the lads that landed on Hoek van Holland beach of only 15 minutes / 28 kilometers (yes, I checked the maps!). It will reduce the mileage to be covered on the German Autobahn with 20 km opposite to the Arnhem/Nijmegen route. The risk of low flying Merc/BMW drivers is therefor reduced overall...

If you travel pass Eindhoven, I'll serve you guys a cup of tea as well at my place... Also it is possible to check some stuff if some TLC to one of your C1's is needed. I won't be traveling along as I intend to arrive very early on friday...

Do not feel obliged, it's just an offer!



PS: Those of you traveling through Belgium, please keep your eyes wide open once you've passed the city of Antwerp. From that point up to the Belgian/Dutch border the motorway has some nasty bumps and damages. I travel that road at least once a week. Filling up the fuel tank should best be done in Belgium as it is cheaper than in The Netherlands. If you

PS2: If you come pass Antwerp and you do need to fill your C1 in this area, one of the cheapest patrol stations is found here:

Autolei 140

It is only a minute away from the motorway. Along this street, Autolei, there are several filling stations situated. The nearest ones (as seen from the motorway) are the more expensive ones. So don't hesitate to ride a little further. You will need a bank card  in some cases though...
Parent - By Gerard Date 16.06.14 11:43
Hi Bob

I think a cup of tea would be nice.

I will confirm with my travel companion and message you this evening either way.

Thanks for the offer.

Parent - By Gerard Date 16.06.14 13:44
Simon is keen for a cuppa as well.

Would you PM me your address and phone.

We will be about two hours from you in Gent and will ring when we set off, if I had to guess we would get to your somewhere around 12:00 on Thursday, will call in the morning with more definite times.

Parent - - By patc50 Date 16.06.14 15:47
Hi Bob - thanks for the kind offer.  Paul and I will be travelling from Hoek van Holland .... but the offer of a cup of tea sounds like it's worth the detour.  I have got your address and phone number so we may well see you on Thursday morning.

Parent - - By p.gill Date 16.06.14 16:01
Looking forward to the trip, any detours to link up with other C1s is most welcome!
Parent - By Simon Date 16.06.14 17:35
That's great. So all four of us can travel from Bobs place.
Parent - - By Simon Date 16.06.14 17:35
Thanks bob. Look forward to meeting you on Thursday.
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 04.09.14 15:59
Isn't anyone going to post a report about how this event worked out?

It could encourage others to go next year :-)
Parent - - By Simon Date 04.09.14 20:33
Do people need encouragement?

The take has never been very strong from  UK C1 owners.

All I would say is it's an experience of a lifetime. One I've been lucky enough to do twice now.

Those that go do so because they want to experience 150 c1s in one place, fabulous riding around Germany and meeting great people.

What's more can I say.
Parent - - By patc50 Date 08.09.14 14:38
+1 for Simon's comments above.  I was a bit nervous about going but should not have worried.  My UK companions were great fun, the Dutch guys are really helpful and a good laugh and the Germans really know how to 'bling' a C1. If I can make it in 2015, I will be there.  Great riding, great company, great fun - would not have missed it for the world.

Parent - - By nuttynick Date 08.09.14 20:41
I'll have to pencil something in for next year :-)
Parent - By andrew parry Date 04.10.14 16:46
Yes, me too.  I greatly enjoyed the Dutch rally in 2012 and am ready again for the next international event in 2015
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