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- - By patc50 Date 05.05.14 08:51
It was great to meet you all yesterday and put faces to the names - thanks for taking the time and trouble to travel.  The 'furthest travelled' award goes to Fruity who travelled some 200 miles one way (ok, he got a bit lost), from the south coast to the National Motorcycle Museum.  My round trip was 175 miles, a mere flea bite when compared to Fruity's journey.  We then followed V2k to Stratford where he had laid on a classic car show for us.  Well ....... it was arranged by a classic car club but we will credit Allan with arranging it!
Thanks to all for a great day.
Parent - - By V2k Date 08.05.14 09:17
Yes a sterling effort by fruity,that meeting took some organising at short notice I can tell you Pat!
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 08.05.14 11:24
Sorry for the delayed reply.

It was indeed a great meeting, what a wonderful bunch we are. It was lovely to meet some new faces and total respect goes to Martin for riding up from Eastbourne.

There is absolutely no doubt that our Forum has a future as we are still attracting new joiners but it is important to retrieve some of our lost members.

The ride from Heathrow to NEC was around 250 miles all in for me, it was actually the first long trip the 300 miler has ever done and it was faultless.

Aren't C1s wonderful?
Parent - - By Bassenz Date 08.05.14 14:15
Sorry, I was unable to join you all as it would have been good to meet all that managed to go.

Wished I'd taken the plunge with a C1 ages ago...can't wait to get some more miles under my belt! Yes, they are wonderful!
Parent - - By Barbarossa Date 08.05.14 18:43
I'd have loved to come and meet everyone but I wouldn't trust my old nail for that sort of distance. Anyway, I was installing CCTV at home over the weekend.
I'm commuting on it now - possibly the only C1 commuter in all of Lancashire, maybe even the entire NW of England. I've certainly never seen another C1 anywhere since I saw a 125 Executive at Asda in Chorley in 2001. During the C1's heyday I was a sales rep covering a territory from the Scottish border down as far as Warwickshire so I've covered more ground than most people and I never, ever saw a C1 anywhere.
The DVLA  " How Many Left ? " site states that the year of maximum registrations for the 125 was 2004 when there were 826 OTR and 2005 was best year for the 200 with 324 OTR. As of end of second quarter 2013 - the latest quoted date - there were 416 of the 125 and 164 of the 200 left OTR in the UK.
So from a total of 1150 units, we have 580 left OTR. There are many others SORNED.
So - where are they all ?
Parent - - By alunt Date 09.05.14 10:50
I used to commute round North Manchester until a job change 5 years ago. I have a 200 exec and a 125 Williams on SORN at the moment, but I'm trying to get the Williams fixed and back on the road. Then I'll be looking for something to do with it, like meeting up with other C1 ers. I hoped to get organised for last weekend but I didn't get it fixed in time.

Many years ago we used to have the "Rivington 5" who used to meet at Rivington barn near Bolton, maybe we could start a revival with the "Rivington 2" :-)
Parent - By rockstedy Date 10.05.14 00:39
I have family and friend SORN with just 1100ml on clock for future use in like new condition with ABS, hazard, front mud guard & upgraded 2 prong stand & latest software ( also little used hoops). Iam in process of putting of bmw heating pack. Kept in heated garage whole life so no corrosion at all, fully serviced and very well looked after by me since 2011 ready to be used as main means of transport when my exec gives last puff ;-)
Parent - By FruitRaider Date 13.05.14 12:43
Hi and nice of you!
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