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- - By Simon Date 03.11.13 09:24
Their website has now been updated with all the info.
Registration doesn't open until 1st December.

For all those that are going can you reply in this thread and we can work out the numbers etc.
You will need to register yourself and book accommodation.

I will be going and planning to stay in the Ramada in Willingen.
It would be great to all travel together and we can organise this nearer the time.
Parent - By Gerard Date 03.11.13 13:28
I will be registering when it is open.

However, I haven't looked yet at the accommodation detail, but it is better to get into the same hotel where the dinners etc are held, otherwise you cannot have a beer due to the need to ride back to your hotel.

Parent - - By Gerard Date 26.11.13 22:33
Hi Simon

Looking forward to booking the meeting. I just did a quick check and for me it is 860K, which compared to this year's event is an easy day's ride. However, I am guessing two days would be preferred. We need to arrive on the 19th, so I plan to take the 18th off and also the Monday the 23rd, although I am flexible with this, if you preferred a one day return on the Sunday I would also be up for that.

Just so you remember from last time, happy to convoy it, but you will remember I stick to 60mph (97km) pretty well everywhere so you might find that restricting.

Happy to consider a detour going either way, but I wouldn't want to extend beyond a Tuesday return.

The only caveat for me is that I will need to get my own room in the hotel, I am not going to camp it!

Parent - - By Simon Date 27.11.13 09:43
Hi Gerard

All Fine with me. Dates booked in my diary.
Hotel everyday of the week - and no, I won't be sharing :-)

Parent - - By variobob Date 27.11.13 13:45
If you have organized yourselves, I can help you to team up with some people in Belgium/The Netherlands probably. Also I might have the possibility to provide some tips on where to stay. I have several fantastic C1 addicts in the Gent / Antwerp region in Belgium...

Maybe for later discussion though...


Parent - - By patc50 Date 03.02.14 19:13
I'm wondering about joining the fun in Germany and I know that registration for the event finishes at the end of this month. 
If I can find accommodation at this late stage and my back holds out (!), is there a chance that a guy past his three-score-years, could join those travelling from England?  I live in Cheshire.


Parent - By variobob Date 03.02.14 19:56
Hi Pat, do not hesitate... it is great fun and there will be room for you. It will be arranged if you ask for it...

Cheers from overseas,

Parent - - By Gerard Date 06.02.14 21:25
Hello Pat

The answer is yes.

I am traveling with Simon and I am sure we can work something out. Book now!

I am not much of a forward planner so I have no idea what route I am going to take. If you do book, than PM and we can a conference call with Simon to work it all out.

I went alone to the French C1 Treffen last year and could not have felt more welcome. They are a nice bunch and obviously most must be like minded to you as they have also chosen to ride this great machine. I was going to say slightly mad, but I genuinely think those who can't 'get' the C1 are the mad ones.

When I go out with me BSA club we have some banter and there is always some about the C1. They often start by saying 'what is that scooter you ride called?' and my reply is always 'the future'.

Parent - By patc50 Date 07.02.14 18:11
Hi Gerard - thanks for your reply, very much appreciated.  I was beginning to think that I was 'Billy-no-mates' so thanks for having me on your team!!

I will check out the web site and get back to you.


Parent - - By patc50 Date 08.02.14 16:44
I'm not sure of the route you guys were thinking of taking but the journey from Hook of Holland to the event is approx 170 kms less than from Calais to the event.
A quick bit of research shows there is an overnight ferry from Harwich (around 22.00hrs I think), to Hook of Holland on late Wednesday evening arriving early Thursday morning and a leisurely ride to the event. For the return there is a ferry from Hook of Holland at approx 21.30 (need to check) on the Sunday evening, arriving in Harwich at 6.30 am on the Monday - then a day to ride home.  At the moment, the cost for 1 person + bike + single cabin for both out and return sailing, is approx £195 return.

Any thoughts?


Parent - By variobob Date 08.02.14 17:43
Just a small thought... if you aim at crossing The Netherlands on the motorway on wednesday morning, I would strongly advice to start covering the distance not earlier than 9.30. From the behaviour on the road it is probably better to go through Holland in stead of Belgium, which definately goes for the state of the motorways in  general.


Parent - - By Simon Date 08.02.14 19:53
I can't do ferries for an extended amount of time. The euro tunnel is my preferred option by far.
Parent - By patc50 Date 09.02.14 09:45 Edited 09.02.14 09:47
No worries, I'm just exploring ideas and alternatives.  You obviously don't do ferries :)

I'm also a sea kayaker and have, in the past, undertaken some long distance sea crossings so I'm comfortable on the open sea in boats, ships, ferries and my very small kayak.

Pat :)
Parent - - By patc50 Date 11.02.14 19:13
Registered for event ....... (gulp!)

Parent - By p.gill Date 13.02.14 20:31
Hi C1ers
Have just booked my ferry crossing from Harwich to the Hook of Holland, departing Wed 18 at 23.15, arrive 7.45, and returning Sunday 22 21.30, arriving back Monday morning at 6.30, £158 with a cabin both ways, booked with Stenna lines.
Parent - - By patc50 Date 24.02.14 12:13
Hi to all visitors to the Germany gathering - I've booked on the Stenna ferry from Harwich - Wed 18 @ 23.15; return Sunday 22 @ 21.30 ..... now looking forward to some decent weather.


Parent - - By Gerard Date 25.02.14 12:27

Great news.

I haven't discussed with Simon, but suspect we will be getting the Tunnel so will see you there or thereabouts. I must admit, last year I only booked the travel the day before....

Parent - - By Simon Date 25.02.14 22:25
Tunnel is my preferred option I must say.
Day before ......hmmmm...... Ok but I guess I'm usually a bit more organised than that.
We should have a chat nearer the time and I probably, if it ever stops raining, get my C1 out of the garage where I have left it 6 months ago and have a drive and tinker.
Parent - By Gerard Date 25.02.14 22:53

Yes, I realise that I need to be a bit more organised when it's more than just me. So happy to sort something out soonish.

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