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- - By HerO Date 02.10.13 20:41
Best C1-Fellows !

Next year there will be a great event in Germany from June 19th to June 22nd. It is the "14th International C1-Scooter-Meeting". This meeting exists since 2004. This year it
was in France.
We expect more than 150 C1-fellows to ride-outs in the region of SAUERLAND and 2014 exeptionally making special C1-records. From November 1st more informations on

>><<. Or you contact me.

It would be very pleasing (great pleasure) to welcome C1-fellows from UK, Ireland or even the USA. In last case you can rent a C1.
AND - - - remarkable: At us you may ride your C1 with air in the hair !

With best regards

Parent - - By Simon Date 02.10.13 21:36
I'm putting my name down for this.
Who else will be going - we can ride convoy.
Parent - - By FruitRaider Date 12.10.13 20:48
I wish.
Parent - By Simon Date 12.10.13 20:57
Just do it
Parent - - By szecsei Date 23.10.13 20:57
Are you the Simon I went to Switzerland with 9 years ago?
I'm keen on this.
Parent - - By Simon Date 23.10.13 21:00
I am indeed. Switzerland was amazing. It was you, me, Gerard and Miro who went.
We stayed in that amazing hotel in France on the way there just before crossing into Switzerland.
I'm up for this one as is Gerard. So that makes 3 of us :-)
Parent - - By szecsei Date 23.10.13 21:02
Ok make that three :)
I'm sure I can get Miro along as a 4th, although he hasn't owned a C1 for a long time.
It would be incredible if it were us 4 again, almost a decade apart.
Parent - - By Simon Date 23.10.13 21:04
Awesome. Neither had I which is why I bought one a few months ago so I can attend this meet. Tell Miro to buy one and get involved. It will be a lot of fun.
Parent - - By szecsei Date 23.10.13 21:05
Bloomin' heck, have you got an E500? Is that the W124 shape?
Parent - - By Simon Date 23.10.13 21:15
I wish!

No it's a W211 but it is a 5 litre V8 and goes like stink!
Parent - - By Mach2 Date 25.10.13 20:18
Yes, I would be interested in this, cheerio
Parent - - By Simon Date 25.10.13 20:24
Excellent.  Registration is next month.
Once we know who is going from the UK we can work out how to all meet and ride in convoy?
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 26.10.13 15:54 Edited 26.10.13 16:13
What is the estimated mileage from the uk (say London)?

(I can only do 1,000 miles in a day :-) )
Parent - - By Simon Date 26.10.13 16:00
Are you coming too Phil :-)
I believe its 550kms but I may have that wrong.
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 26.10.13 16:32
Actually I have just checked and the dates could work for me.

It's suddenly starting to look possible,,,,
Parent - - By Simon Date 26.10.13 16:40
You make number 5 I think who have confirmed.
Parent - By HerO Date 30.11.13 03:33
Good morning, C1-fellows !

Here still an information to the booking:
We also have apartments with two bedrooms. You can share with an other C1-fellow for lower price.
Two persons -- 235 Euro or three persons -- 200 Euro per nose. In your announcement each must
tell with whom to share.

Hope to meet you !

With best regards

Parent - - By Simon Date 01.12.13 17:28
I've registered.

I chose tour 1 but hopefully we can change this if we wanted to?

Who else is definitely going?
You'll need to get your name down sooner rather than later.
Parent - - By p.gill Date 01.12.13 19:24
Hi C1ers
I'm registered, can' t wait, would like to stay in the Ramada, don't mind sharing a room!
Parent - By Simon Date 01.12.13 20:32
Awesome. Look forward to riding with you Paul
Parent - - By Gerard Date 01.12.13 20:46
You will have to share the trip with me to. Registered just now.

Parent - - By Simon Date 01.12.13 20:51
That's 3 confirmed. Nice one.  Who else?
Parent - - By szecsei Date 04.12.13 12:36 Edited 04.12.13 12:44
Simon, I'll be registering for this. I'd very much like to come along.

As much as I like riding in convoy and Euro holidays, would there be somebody else interested in sharing the costs of renting a hi-roof Transit and taking another two bikes in the van with mine? Three of us can travel in the cab in comfort. Three bikes fit in the loading bay easily, four is the limit with some origami.

When you add up the individual cost of the ferry, fuel and servicing costs, not the mention the non monetary cost of the numb bum and ringing ears, we're financially better off in the van. If we set off behind people who are riding, we can also act as emergency recovery and sweep up people in a spot of bother. I've got all the ratchet straps and a bike ramp so all we need is the van.

I might sound like a spoilsport and I know the C1s are quite capable of going the distance (I know, I've done it successfully a number of times), but I'm not sure I want to add 1500 miles to the clock (just for the journey) and square off the tyres when the fun is actually to be had once we're there. My C1 is my lifeline in London and I'd like to keep her running as long as possible!

Parent - - By Gerard Date 19.12.13 09:16
Hi Stef

It will be brilliant to see you on the trip.

I fully understand the van idea, at the last meet in the South of France there were quite a few people who brought the bikes in shared vans. It is not a spoilsport, but a practical idea.

However, for me a large part of the event is the ride there and back, both literally as it takes a long time at 60mph, but also I just like the ride.

We will work something out and hopefully be able to travel together or at least meet up during the trip.

Parent - - By Simon Date 20.12.13 16:00
I'm with Gerard on this one ...... Looking forward to the C1 riding to, during and from the meet.
Parent - - By szecsei Date 27.12.13 13:08
Fair enough, I know you enjoy the rides, Gerard! You're smart enough to spanner it yourself, keeping your running costs the right side of sane. Alas, although I can do basic service items myself, anything more complicated has to go to someone that knows what they are doing and the bills really add up. I just fancy winding the miles onto one of Sixt's very fine VW Crafters and letting them deal with the servicing, tyres and unexpected breakdowns :)

It still makes financial sense for just one other person to share the van costs. Anyone fancy coming to the meet but not the long ride?

Parent - - By szecsei Date 07.01.14 23:58
Chaps, I've done the sums on this and it works out like this.

Distance from north London = 478 miles each way.

Bike costs = Eurotunnel £47, Fuel £75 @ 75mpg, Routine maintenance @10ppm £95.60. TOTAL = £217.60
Van costs = Rental for XLWB Sprinter inc. foreign use charge and breakdown cover from Sixt £618.52, Diesel £220 @ 25mpg, Eurotunnel £98 = £936.52/3 = £312.17 each split 3 ways.

It's 8 hours 7 mins on Google maps which is a comfortable day in the van, whereas would entail an overnight stay on the bike. I have done 500 miles a day on the C1 and survived to tell the tale, but my head was buzzing for about 4 hours afterwards and I couldn't sleep for the tinnitus, so I can't recommend it. So add another £X to the bike cost to cover the cost of a hotel each way.

My preference would also be to ride all the way, but it's another two days off work (no wages) and with the hotel the costs work out almost the same, plus I'd run the risk of a maintenance costs over and above routine servicing.

Is anyone interested in partnering with me? Looks like we'd need to be three of us to make it work. And those of you riding can have gratis roadside support if something goes wrong (hope not!) as we'd surely be leaving after you :)
Parent - - By Steamerpoint Date 25.02.14 10:06
Same old faces doing international trips I see. ;-)
Parent - - By Gerard Date 25.02.14 12:26
Still time to book. Currently 4 going, Simon (yes that Simon), me, Paul Gill and Pat...
Parent - - By Steamerpoint Date 25.02.14 15:25
Can't come I'm sorry. Apart from the fact that my C1 is not on the road, I will be taking part in a sailing meet to sail across to the Isle of Wight on the 21st of June! 
Have fun though. ;-)
Parent - - By Simon Date 25.02.14 22:18
Come sail with us. You know it will be more fun Chris!
Parent - - By Steamerpoint Date 25.02.14 23:33
Thanks for the invite, but others are depending on me as one of the organisers of a fairly challenging meet and I couldn't let them down.

I'm sure you'll have a great time though. I know the area well as I was stationed 40-miles away near Essen & Dussledorf. :-)
Parent - - By HerO Date 07.03.14 21:02

Good evening C1-fellows !

We have reached an after-annauncement up till March 20 th. Perhaps someone ist still interestet.
If someone have questions you can ask me: >> <<
We wish all an lucky ride and enjoy your coming ! ! ! 

Best regards

Parent - - By shiresteve Date 12.04.15 19:15
Are you the same chaps i met in switzerland in 04 ? I was the northern lad on the williams,can't make this one, maybe the next
Parent - By HerO Date 08.05.15 20:40
To Shirestave

Unfortunately my dictuionary did'nt disclosed me what a ,,lad" is. I suppose, it is a person. So I can tell you that I unfortunately was 2004 not on the C1-meeting in Switzerland.
I am the organizer of the ,,International C1-Meeting 2014".
It wouldbe nice to meet you this year for that event in Dillingen / Saarland.
And when that time does not fit for you, you can use the 11th - 13th September in Olsberg / Sauerland for the ,,Sauerlandkraxeltour 2015". That is in junction with the
international ,,Montgolfiade Warstein". to That more later.

Wish you all the best

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