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- - By gooner Date 04.03.13 15:39
Is anyone going this year i would like to ( T T and co it will be different for me this year if you are going) so please post your thoughts/suggestions .
Parent - - By V2k Date 04.03.13 19:02
yes :-)
Parent - By Mad_Accountant Date 04.03.13 19:59
Yes but in a camper van, sadly not by C1
Parent - - By gooner Date 04.03.13 20:49
Burgman Alan?
Parent - By V2k Date 05.03.13 18:31
Dont think so Barrie
Parent - - By elmstones Date 30.05.13 08:55
I will be here this year with fully functioning C1 :-)
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 19.08.13 11:52
Attendees so far.....

Allan and Debs, by car for the weekend only
Phil & Jan, by camper van also weekend only
John (Elmstones) on a c1 - will be there all year !

Any other takers?

07976 390094 if you wish to meet.  :-)
Parent - - By elmstones Date 20.08.13 19:13
Phil/ Allan,
Last minute shopping list if you happen to have any: Bolts (as picture just about to be added which are for the belt casing) and could do with some new drive lights if either of you happen to pass a shop please?
Attachment: IMAG0265.jpg (43k)
Parent - - By V2k Date 21.08.13 07:53 Edited 21.08.13 08:01
I have two only spares of those case screws for you,will bring them with me tmrw.Do you mean a complete new kit for driving lights,dont think they are avail seperately now.I think Halfrauds will have them locally to you maybe..failing that do you want me to go buy you a new set of Ring Micro cruise lights will be over £30 though ?
Parent - By Mad_Accountant Date 21.08.13 09:24
Allan is on the island Thurs -Sunday and I am crossing at 11.00 am on Friday, staying until Sunday.

Sadly neither of us will be on our C1s :-(
Parent - - By elmstones Date 21.08.13 15:36
One of the pair has leaked so I was going to replace with a new set; if you get the chance to pick some up then I'll sort out with you when you're here. Thanks. Local events apart from Scooter Weekend are Jousting at Carisbrooke Castle on thursday and the Bembridge Fort Walk on friday evening (feet will still get wet though!)
Parent - - By V2k Date 21.08.13 19:19
Sorry,only just got in and seen your reply and its a bit late now...I think theyre closed.You can get some nearby Halfrauds your end maybe.
Parent - - By elmstones Date 21.08.13 20:54
none in the local Halfords, not the end of the world as others still work, just don't look great
Parent - - By V2k Date 21.08.13 20:55
Soz John,just didnt get back til later when I got your reply
Parent - - By elmstones Date 21.08.13 22:01
What time are you across?
Parent - - By Simon Date 22.08.13 10:38
You could buy some via the internet ....... Halfords are online
Parent - - By elmstones Date 22.08.13 20:10
What's this internet you speak of :-)
Parent - By V2k Date 25.08.13 21:23 Edited 25.08.13 21:29
Im relying on you John for this abandoned unloved C1 we saw yesterday you know :-) not to put pressure on you or anything.
Parent - - By FruitRaider Date 23.08.13 15:11
Wish I could...too far for me.
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 25.08.13 16:45 Edited 25.08.13 16:50
Well we are on the ferry home (V2K, Mad_Accountant plus Debs and Jan). We managed to meet up with Elmstones.

We've had a lovely weekend. There were 6,000 scooters on the island and most of them were on the mass rideout at 13.00 starting at Ryde.

We were delighted to see one c1 joined the ride out, a red and silver family friend. So WELL DONE to Turbotully (Terence) for flying the flag for us one again. I tried to contact you and texted Gooner for your number but your details were on the phone he'd thrown in the lake. :-(

Maybe next year?
Parent - By elmstones Date 26.08.13 23:21
Well done Turbotully; I let the side down on that score, the hazards of my family life unfortunately. Great to see Phil and Al on Saturday though.
Parent - - By V2k Date 26.08.13 09:35
shove a few prunes in your tank,youd get there much easier,just slip through the traffic!
Parent - By FruitRaider Date 26.08.13 12:34
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