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- - By Purple Hat Date 19.01.13 12:46
C1-less though I am, I have said that I would be prepared to run the meet this year but am quite happy for a 'proper' C1 forum/c1ub member to take it over.  Here is a copy of an email I received from the event organisers:

'As you may have heard the Calne Bike Meet is under new management and as previous exhibitors, this mail is an initial contact to see if you are interested in attending this year’s meet on 27th July. The meet will again be in the town centre and is free to the bike clubs and visitors, however any small donation to help us with the cost of running the event would be welcome. The main difference this year will be an organised ride-out over a decent distance and an evening festival with live music, bars, food and camping. The old website will be up and running shortly with further information.

Please reply to this mail and let me know if you are interested or not.

Thanks, Elick Payne'
Parent - - By Purple Hat Date 14.02.13 16:23
I've sent an email to the organiser's asking for same pitch and space as last year. 

Bit early I know for names but please put it in your diaries and let me know if you wish to attend.  :)
Parent - - By Barbarossa Date 11.03.13 20:32
Whereabouts is Calne ?
Is this a one-day thing or is there overnight camping ?
Parent - - By Purple Hat Date 12.03.13 21:50
It's in Wiltshire.  You would have to look at the map for camp sites :)
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 13.03.13 01:08
Where's Wiltshire? Is it near Delaware?
Parent - - By Purple Hat Date 14.03.13 09:55
Nay lad.  It's several thousand miles to the East. ;) 

If you are in the US, Calne is in the county of Wiltshire in South West England. 
I have distant relatives near Delaware....    :)
Parent - By andrew parry Date 14.03.13 22:06
I'll attend again this year - it's a great event
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 14.06.13 21:50
I should be free but will know a bit nearer the time.

if johns coming up get him to com one of his rather than truck them up as it does seem a waste.
Parent - - By Purple Hat Date 15.06.13 19:41
SOrry been offline.  been doing old person things like falling over in t' garden, and forgetting what day it is and when's The VOICE on?

So before Imin gets back from chippie, can we draw up a list of those going to Calne? :)z
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 16.06.13 21:21
I was going to say why do you watch that, can imin cope with all that cleavage propping the ratings up?
Parent - By Purple Hat Date 17.06.13 10:47
If he notices he says nowt ;)
Parent - - By Purple Hat Date 17.06.13 10:49
No, but my Great-Uncle is buried somewhere near Delaware and I have distant relatives there. :)
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 17.06.13 13:41
any idea what crimes they were deported for?
Parent - - By Purple Hat Date 17.06.13 14:18
My understanding is that they fled their home country in fear of their lives.  My Dad's grand-dad settled Middlesbrough and great uncle went to the states.    This why you have moi to tease.  BTW, when are you going to poodle on your C1 to ours? :)
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 18.06.13 17:33
ah - so they owed money then.

I keep passing but its allways at antisocial times and being retired now i just assume you are saga'ing off somewhere or having a nap.

I'll try and make a purely social call for your benefit, I trust imin spends all his time baking scones and butterfly buns now incase anyone calls. when you're not watching the voice anyway and BGT that is :-)

working mon-thurs alternate 12 hour shifts at the mo but she goes away in a few weeks for a month so plenty of time then.
Parent - By Purple Hat Date 20.06.13 18:29
Can't afford Saga, tent in Pembrey one weekend a year if we're lucky :)

Imin working his socks off still and I'm in t' garden or consuming coffee with friends of similar age - give or take ten years or so.

I took Kawasaki to get MOT yesterday, purred all the way back it did.  Fab :)
Parent - By Purple Hat Date 17.06.13 14:18
Tha cheeky sod. ;)
Parent - - By Purple Hat Date 17.06.13 10:55
Just noticed that the new management of the Calne Meet have not replied to my request for a pitch.  Arrrrgh!  Just emailed them again. :(
Parent - - By Purple Hat Date 20.06.13 18:26
Pitch confirmed, usual one by the kebab van :-)
Parent - - By Purple Hat Date 20.06.13 18:50
Received email from JohnC1 to say he and his Quasars won't be able to make it this year after all.

We have to decide quickly if it is worth going ahead so if we could get several more C1's at the meet it would be good.

Show us off in strength! :-)
Parent - - By C1Do-one Date 23.06.13 22:32
Anyone Riding up from London?

Parent - By FruitRaider Date 23.06.13 23:11
May be coming from the south through London......not sure yet but my diary is free.
Parent - By Purple Hat Date 03.07.13 09:31
If you do come, take the Hungerford turn off the M4, from there head for Marlborough, then Calne.  :) 
Parent - - By Purple Hat Date 29.06.13 19:34
Er, as parking car a no-go for us we may be travelling by bus now that we are C1 - less.   eek!   
Parent - - By Mad_Accountant Date 03.07.13 10:40
You're not going on the cruiser ?
Parent - - By Purple Hat Date 03.07.13 16:57
Not really sure yet. :)
Parent - - By Purple Hat Date 08.07.13 15:49
Getting near time now so could we make a list of who is definately going?

Andrew Parry
Me an, Imin on Kwaka or in van or by bus.

Anyone else?  :)
Parent - - By C1Do-one Date 08.07.13 21:42
I would like to attend if i can, waiting on my house move date and if it doesn't clash with the dates i will try my best to would be nice to meet some of the other members of the club.
I will be riding up from anyone else apart from Fruitraider thinking of riding up from this part of the world?
I take it some of you will be camping, do i need to book a pitch if i am able to make it?

Parent - - By Purple Hat Date 09.07.13 14:00
I am not sure who has arranged camping if at all.  it's probably best if you look up camp sites nearby.  I think there may be one just outside Calne coming in on the old London Road, there's a sign.   I'll ask the organisers if they can help. :)
Parent - By Purple Hat Date 09.07.13 14:21
Email sent and will let you know asap :)
Parent - - By Purple Hat Date 09.07.13 14:43
I've  just been online myself and there is a campsite just on the outskirts of Calne.

Blackland Lakes Holiday & Leisure Centre
Stockley Lane
SN11 0NQ
01249 810943

On the old London Road (A4), travel from Marlborough through Cherhill and down 'Labour in Vain' hill, then the turn off for Stockley Lane is on the flat approaching residential area on outskiets of Calne.

If you make it a weekend of camping there are two National Trust sites nearby worth a visit.  Avebury and Lacock Abbey and village.

Hope this helps

Pam :)
Parent - By Purple Hat Date 09.07.13 14:53
Came on lads, we need some numbers as this is the last year I organize a space at this meet.  :)
Parent - - By Purple Hat Date 16.07.13 11:02
More info: 

Hi Pam,
The Bike Meet this year starts on Friday PM at the camping field, Beversbrook Farm. Tell your member to book the camping on the Calne Bike Meet website:  Have a look yourselves the festival is free with some excellent bands. Post the link onto the forum so all the members can see what has changed this year.
Parent - By Purple Hat Date 24.07.13 22:39 Edited 24.07.13 22:43
As no definite replies to attend the meet, myself and Paul will not be going.
However, the pitch has been left for the C1ub/Forum should anyone decide to
go at the last minute. :(
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