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Up Topic C1 Information / FAQs / how do I remove the front shock absorber
- - Date 17.11.12 10:07
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Parent - - By leonm Date 17.11.12 06:10
should you contemplate working on the front end yourself, this may be of assistance:

My bmw c1 workshop manual gives clear and concise instructions on how to remove the front shock. Although i have an extensive set of tools, two problems were encountered which required  different solutions. A) even with both telescopic tube top nuts removed, the balljoint on the telescopc tubes cross brace  could not be reached with standard spanners. Solution: first remove front mudguard and semi circular crash element. Surprisingly easy. B) the lifting handle pin (the one with the knurling) resisted all efforts to drift out. Solution: detach shearpin unit on stand (one allen bolt, one circlip) together with lifting cables attached (easy) and then  unscrew the four allen bolts holding the entire easylift unit, complete with both handles and cables. On workbench support item  and either press or drift out.
Parent - By Jethro Date 17.11.12 09:51
Thanks Leon
I didn;t need to go that far, but your procedure filed for future info
Parent - - By Gerard Date 17.11.12 10:07
Hi Leon

Thanks for the info. Out of interest are you upgrading the front shock or just replacing it?

Parent - - By leonm Date 20.11.12 16:55
Hi gerard
i am replacing the front shock because of no control on rebound. the forks seem ok, original oil still 330ml per tube but replaced with atf, no leaks.
looking to  rebuild shock due to unrealistic bmw prices,  otherwise will adapt a suitable chinese shock. perhaps you have some info?
Parent - - By Gerard Date 20.11.12 18:17
I have had the same problem before and you are right to blame the shock. I replaced the whole unit with a second hand one . My interest was around if you had found an upgrade as that is one area I would like to address.

Parent - By leonm Date 20.11.12 19:26
still working on the problem. will keep you briefed
Up Topic C1 Information / FAQs / how do I remove the front shock absorber

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