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- - By andrew parry Date 22.06.12 21:23
OK, so this is almost a year away, but I am already exploring options for getting there next year and wanting to share ideas.
Toulouse is certainly a long haul and the option as Gerard mentions in a separate posting is to catch the ferry from Portsmouth to Santander.  This however seems to be very costly (anything between £300 - £400).  On the plus side, once at Santander, it is only about 340 miles to Toulouse.
The option that rather appeals to me is the high speed Seacat from Poole to Cherbourg.  Crossing time is just over 2 hours and costs about £110 return (with bike).  Google maps indicates it is then about 560 miles to Toulouse - either 2 arduous days of 280 miles a day, or three relaxed days of about 180 each day.  My sister in law and her husband (he has a Hyabusa) live in Bournemouth and have confirmed they would be happy to put people up the night before.
Any other ideas folks?
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 22.06.12 22:48
but its only a days ride :-)

I thought a lot of the santander ferries have been discontinued?
Parent - - By nuova500 Date 22.06.12 23:34
I looked at the French motor-rail from Paris, however I think the C1 exceeds the height restriction.
Parent - - By andrew parry Date 23.06.12 09:00
Yes, I also explored that option.  I was not sure about the height limits but it seemed quite an involved journey.  By the time you factor in the cost of the channel crossing (tunnel or ferry) it all starts to add up.
Parent - By MidnightRacer Date 17.07.12 15:51
I'd just like to show an initial interest in this trip for next year, possibly for 2 C1's depending on times etc.

because of work and family constraints the shorter the better but I'm open to all suggestions!

Parent - By variobob Date 23.10.12 11:01
And a good afternoon to you all in the UK!

The French are working there &^%$ of to organize the 13th annual international C1 meeting. Although subscribtion isn't possible until november 12th, a lot of the highlight are stated already. You'll find more overhere:

I hope to see a lot of you next year. Probably I will have some time to talk to you as well, as I will not be doing any organizing stuff myself...

Kind regards,

Parent - - By szecsei Date 28.11.12 21:38
If you let the air out of the tyres, it will fit on this service:

Dusseldorf to Narbonne overnight, from where it is a shortish ride to Toulouse. Prices are quite keen on the autozug especially for bikes. I've used the service a few times. London to Dusseldorf is a one day journey but comfortable enough with sufficient breaks.
Parent - - By szecsei Date 28.11.12 22:00
Think I've jumped the gun on this. The booking engine suggests that 1.56m is the max height for a two wheeler, because they always travel on the lower deck. I can confirm the roof is very low and I banged my helmet a good few times when loading a traditional bike some years ago.

An alternative is to hire a High-Roof XLWB Transit into which you can get 3-5 bikes (depending on the cargo bay length). Up to three people can travel in the cab at the same time. Suitable van rental for a week (Sixt have no mileage restriction and don't get excited when you say you're going to Europe - also very good and new vans), ferry, tolls and fuel would cost about £1000. You'd struggle to get a C1 there and back to Toulouse for less than £300 these days if you add up channel crossings, fuel, tolls, motels, etc. You're talking £120 round trip from London just in petrol!
Parent - - By andrew parry Date 28.11.12 22:10
Hi folks

I have now made other arrangements for next year - just seemed too far to go.  It was a long haul coming back from Mayrhofen after the Dutch meeting in June this year.
Parent - - By Gerard Date 29.11.12 08:46
Hi Andrew

Sorry to hear you are not going.

At the moment I am still planning to go. I think I am just going to ride it. Its 800 miles from my place which should be doable.

Parent - - By Gerard Date 03.06.13 22:32
I have just returned from the C1 meet south of Toulouse. The weather was not great but the event itself was excellent and very well organized. The highlight for me was the Airbus Tour where we got up close and personal with the construction of the A380.

The other highlight is the genuine welcome you receive by the brotherhood of fellow C1 riders. Despite me being the only English speaker there I was made very welcome by everyone and many took special consideration to translate for me. The French organizers went out there way for me. Of course the majority of attendants were German and I have to thank them all for the welcome they extended. It felt like a large family of like-minded slightly crazy (in a good way) people. The Italian contingent was there as well and they also looked after me brilliantly. Particularly when Massimiliano produced the bottles of home-made liquors at the final meal. Rocket fuel wrapped up in a cuddly warm liquid that you felt travel through your body and straight to your brain. Brilliant.

I thought I was pretty tough to travel 1300+ kms to get there, but many of the Germans had travelled at least as far and further. Some had done 1700 or more. Maximum respect.

I have posted a few photos below.

Next year’s meeting has already been planned, the site is and will be open for booking on 01 November. The date is 19th June and it is located around Willingen. It is 530 Kms from Calais which is a realistic day’s ride. They are very keen to have more UK attendance and I would encourage anyone thinking about it to give it a go. There are restricted hotel rooms, so the word is that if you want to go, book as soon as possible.
Parent - - By Simon Date 04.06.13 22:12
Hi Gerard you got me thinking when you invited me on this. Even though it was short notice. I'm Deffo up for next year if you're going?
Just need a C1 now to make it happen. Have a year to work on that I guess.
Cracking photos.
Parent - - By Gerard Date 04.06.13 22:35

Yes I am thinking of going, only 800k for me, short spin compared to Toulouse.

I would really like a group of us to go, so if you are up for it then great.

The question is why not ? Grab the chance while you can.

Parent - - By Simon Date 04.06.13 22:57
Count me in. That's 2. Who else?
Parent - By Ultrablast Date 05.06.13 14:14
I'm keen, as long as mine survives and is still running. I have tickets for Crosby, Stills & Nash in October and I feel the same about David Crosby's potential to survive that long!
Parent - By szecsei Date 17.06.13 13:27
I'm in :)
Parent - By Gerard Date 03.06.13 22:33
A few C1s
Parent - By Gerard Date 03.06.13 22:35
Italian rocket fuel
Parent - - By Gerard Date 03.06.13 22:36
And it can only be the Italians
Parent - By variobob Date 04.06.13 00:09 Edited 04.06.13 00:17
Hi Gerard, nice to read that you came back home (although not New Zealand) safely. I am also very jalous for the fact that you were able to go and I didn't... I would have loved to shake your hand. I am sure that you it will be no problem at all to stay a night in Belgium or the Netherlands if a full trip is to exhausting in 2014. There are Belgian enthusiasts as well and I know they are as warm harted as the lads you have encountered during your stay in France.

I do want state one thing, just to keep you all curious / enthusiastic about the 2014 Meeting. The 'founder of the feast' is a man who succeeds to surprise a growing group of C1-enthusiast on a yearly basis. He does so by organizing the so called 1000 curves trip. One time a guy tried to really count them, but he got stuck at six hundred and something. That is surprising, but the fact that he didn't point out the same route twice over the years tells us more about the endless motor riding possibilities over there. It is truly a lovely part of Germany!   

I raise my hat towards you, Gerard, as I do feel the utmost respect for the trip you have made.

Cheers from the Netherlands,


PS: I have seen Nube (Massimiliano) several times before, but never this confident as in the wheely picture :-))
Parent - - By truzzman Date 04.06.13 16:52
Massimiliano is a special C1 driver, see this video:
Parent - - By V2k Date 04.06.13 18:28
and the point of that was?!
Parent - - By DaveMiller Date 04.06.13 20:18
I was wondering the same, Allan!

(I can never see the point in Top Gear, when they do donuts or drifts.  The tyres are there to grip, and shove the vehicle forward, aren't they??  If that doesn't happen, it's a FAULT.)
Parent - By variobob Date 04.06.13 23:05 Edited 04.06.13 23:15
I am not in favor for burn rubber either. And to be honest, I never saw Massimiliano do these kind of things over the last 5 years. What surprises me, is that he is like one of the chaps in my ice hockey team: having him in the group is okay, as he is kind of modest while in conversation... but if you put a handlebar in his hands, you sometimes see things you would not expect. Massimiliano is not the reckless daredevil that he might seem through these messages. I have seen some other Italians however... :-O

What surprises me most when I visit a meeting like the ones in France, Germany or Italy, is the fact that it can be so easy to get along with one another. If you do not have a clue if a participant comes from a specific country, he (or she) is just a BMW C1 rider who enjoys the same machine (and maybe for totally different reasons than the beholder of the eyes himself...)


Parent - - By Ultrablast Date 05.06.13 14:16
To ruin a perfectly good tyre?
Parent - By bolt-on-billy Date 07.06.13 04:36
and it could be a crappy tyre in need of changing :-)
Parent - By bolt-on-billy Date 07.06.13 04:30
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