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- - By jarecki Date 30.01.11 20:58
Hi, since last week I have a very weird problem with my C1. When I’m riding it and I’m catching hole on the road the engine is cutting off and it stops until it reached 15 mph on the clock. 15 mph and engine starts itself again until next hole on the road! A week before the same was happening but only on a very big holes, right now every single hole and engine cuts off. I thought it’s a stand fault but I’ve disconnected their cables and I’ve connected them straight to the sensor – still the same. I’ve connected new cables from the central computer (thought they’re frayed somewhere) – still the same. Today I’ve cleaned all the cables connectors under the clock and it still didn’t help.  Did anyone had the same problem and know what the problem is as it’s quite annoying! Is there any other sensor which controls this? I don’t thing is the spark plug or filter fault as engine is cutting off on the hole and then it starts again when it reached 15 mph or less, but it’s always at the same speed...until next hole. Many thanks for help, much appreciate.
Parent - - By aware Date 30.01.11 21:00
Loose contacts on battery poles
Parent - - By actd Date 30.01.11 21:05
Or if not, then possibly damaged cable to injector.
Parent - By V2k Date 30.01.11 21:51
I was just going to say that! sounds like its a make and break when the suspension takes up
Parent - By jarecki Date 30.01.11 23:10
Which injector cable - the one from fuel tank to the injector (fuel or electric cable where the power is)? The weirdest thing is that it's always starting again at 15 mph - that makes me think.
Parent - - By nickmiddy Date 01.02.11 19:02
Just drive around the holes...
Parent - - By leec1 Date 02.02.11 09:52
Always drive round the holes, protect your wheels, in Hemel Hempstead it means quite a bit of weaving too as there are plenty!
Parent - By Ultrablast Date 02.02.11 16:14
Harpenden/Luton too. The biggest problem is in the dark. I know where most of them are now but quite regularly a new one appears and really screws up my day! Combine that with the speed bumps and its like rididng a flippin rollercoaster on square wheels! (Now don't start on about Hagon shocks...)
Parent - By bolt-on-billy Date 02.02.11 16:20 Edited 02.02.11 16:30
bike on stand, seat up, start engine then once running give the wiring a shake and see if it stops. ht lead to but watch out as it can give you a belt if its faulty

not sure where the 15mph comes from as it wouldnt need the starter motor. most likely its the injector wire is broken somewhere, either at the tip or back where it joins the main loom, they tend to clip it which puts tension on it and breaks the wire. while it touches the bike will run so sometimes turning the injector around to the other side and unclipping the loom can give it enough slack and get you home.

mine went at a silly hour around this time of year on the m5, it would start then cut off if I bounced on the seat.
Parent - - By Tom C1 Date 15.09.11 19:06
Hi, was the problem fixed? What was the reason? I have the same symptoms - sometimes the engine cuts off itself and turns on while speed decreasing. Thanks a lot for any tips. It's quite unsafe and unpredictible and I would like to deal with it ASAP, but don't know where to start with.
Parent - - By bolt-on-billy Date 15.09.11 21:46
as above, turn it on and while its sat there leave for a few mins and see if it dies on its own. if it stays alive then its unlikely to be the valves so give the wires a jiggle, if it cuts out then great you've found it if not then an investigation maybe in order.

send me a message if you're worried about it
Parent - - By vecicrnogorac Date 25.04.12 18:46
hi there, same problem here...
so, i`v done what you said - started the engine, nothing happened, shake a bit the wires and nothing happened again. while running the bike on a flat street everything seems to be ok, but while running on a bit bumpy road the engine cuts off and come back to life on 25km/h or so.
Anybody with a solution?
Parent - - By Gerard Date 25.04.12 20:33
The usual suspects are

: injector wires
: spark plug cap or lead
: battery terminals loose

Parent - - By john wells Date 26.04.12 16:15
And by battery terminals lose he means not tight - these need to be done up fairly hard.
Parent - - By andrew parry Date 27.04.12 19:22
Had this happen to me three years ago.  Turned out to be the multipin connecter for the fuel pump, located just above the fuel tank (under the centre panel).  Terminals were badly corroded.  Cleaned them off with tiny wedge of rolled up abrasive and no further trouble since.
Parent - By buddyspudface Date 29.04.12 07:15
this is screaming broken wire if the obvious battery connection is not the problem. start the engine and pretend your weeding your garden and start pulling and twisting all things coloured.until engine hickups.
- By Derek Phippen Date 09.05.20 21:29
I've got a problem with my C1 200. It began to cut out ran for a mile or so and eventually stopped, and wouldn't start again. Checked electrics, all good. So thought  fuel problem? Fuel is being pumped through filter okay, but not getting to cylinder. My knowledge is not great, so am asking for ideas on what to do next?
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