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Parent - - By twinc1 Date 22.07.20 09:45
thanks HelmetHair don't what i would have done without your advice just need new gasket and i can button everything up get new battery then test ride
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 22.07.20 09:59
You're welcome!
if the old gasket is in one piece you can also buy sheets of gasket paper and cut a new one using the old one as a pattern-but much easier to get a new BMW gasket.
Parent - - By twinc1 Date 29.07.20 09:56
got a gasket from BMW its all back together .... when bike first had the problem was it would drive for a couple miles or so then the battery would die because alternator was not working so to test its working would be to put a new battery on and drive it past that distance or could i put old battery that won't take a charge on jump start if when it starts take off the leads and  if the alternator problem is fixed should it still run ??
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 29.07.20 12:06
Same tests as before-start bike with old battery or jump start pack, test voltage at battery.
It should be 13-14v or so. If it  is less than 12.6, there's a problem still with alternator or voltage regulator.

You may find that the alternator will now charge the battery properly-although i wouldnt bet on that!

If you fix this, it will have cost you around £48.50 in parts, and no labour charge.
Compare that to Elton John's quote... you now hava £700 in your pocket-nicely done.
Parent - - By twinc1 Date 29.07.20 13:52
would the bike still run off the alternator with a battery with on charge if i jump it
Parent - - By twinc1 Date 29.07.20 13:54
to check it working
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 29.07.20 18:48
Yes it should.
I’ve pushed started cars before with dead batteries and run it from the alternator but it’s only good for a test. (As you’ve said) as it can damage the alternator and other components if used long term.
Parent - - By twinc1 Date 30.07.20 08:44
thank on i'll just do as a test before yet it ready to go no the road
Parent - - By twinc1 Date 03.09.20 16:36
put old dead battery back on jump started it started straight away but when took the leads off it stopped does that mead the alternator is not working
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 04.09.20 17:20
Possibly. What readings do you get from the yellow wires? What value of resistance between each pair?
Might be the voltage regulator but start with confirming the alternator is working.
Parent - - By twinc1 Date 04.09.20 19:33
thank will try that ''''''' should it still run with a completely knackered battery that will not take a charge for a wile just on the alternator
Parent - - By alunt Date 04.09.20 20:39
The engine will not run with a dead battery
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 04.09.20 22:06
Are you sure?
Why not?

I’ve run several cars with dead batteries just off the alternator, and bikes with very low of not dead batteries.

Is there something specific to
The c1 ?
Parent - - By alunt Date 05.09.20 09:07
100% sure. If you disconnect the battery when it’s running it will stop immediately. If you jump start with a dead battery it will stop as soon as you disconnect the jump leads. No idea why, maybe related to fuel injection cut off as a safety feature?
Parent - By twinc1 Date 06.09.20 22:58
time to buy new battery and run it
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