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- - By alunt Date 15.09.19 13:33
I'm seeing more failed ABS pumps on C1s these days and they don't lend themselves to amateur refurbishment, so used ones at around £100 + seem to be the best option, unless anyone knows of an alternative?

I've been researching the code numbers printed on the C1 pump: 310 000 20050 and 3451-2 335805. They seem to be unique to the C1, but the BMW F650 GS (2002) has a pump with codes 310 000 20040 and 3451-2 335804, which are very similar and photos of the F650 pump look identical to the C1 pump. Has anyone seen an F650 pump used in a C1 e.g. on the German or Italian forums?

There are more F650 pumps about so they're nearer to the £60 mark second hand. It would be good to have another option.

Obviously the dash bulbs on a C1 can be removed and the rear sensor also, to make a bike look externally as if it never had ABS, and the brakes will function perfectly well as non ABS brakes. But if possible I like to have everything on a bike working as it should, if parts prices are justifiable.
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 15.09.19 16:17 Edited 15.09.19 18:59
If the ABS ECU dies, the speedo won’t work so you can’t just remove the bulbs!
The 650 has many similar components, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some common parts

Iirc, there ARE differences between the OLD 650 pump and the C1.  As for the new 650...idk
Parent - - By alunt Date 15.09.19 17:38
The speedo is working fine without the dash bulbs, but I suspect they were removed because they were constantly on, why else would you remove them? However I’ll refit the bulbs and see what happens.
Parent - By HelmetHair Date 15.09.19 19:08
I expect there are situations where the part of the ABS ECU that controls the speedo would still work while there are other errors that would result in the error lights being triggered. A dead rear sensor might be such a situation.
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