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- - By p.gill Date 04.09.19 11:21
Hi C1ers
Have taken the engine apart on my 500 miler and discovered there is some deformation, it’s only about .003” deep, there are no marks on the old head gasket, so have made up some blocks to hold the head ready for a skim, anyone is welcome to borrow them.
Parent - - By aware Date 04.09.19 14:36
Have you ever had a blown head gasket?
Parent - - By p.gill Date 04.09.19 15:49
Yes many years ago, on my red bike the gasket went, it was getting very difficult to start but ran ok, and finally on a run the temperature light came on! As recall bubbles could be seen in the expansion tank, not a good sign!
The old gasket ‘looked’ ok, the head was still flat so a clean of the head and cylinder, a new gasket and off we went again!
Parent - - By aware Date 05.09.19 10:37
Or some Permatex spray-a-gasket. Has worked wonders for me on a 80.000 km's head gasket.
Parent - - By p.gill Date 05.09.19 16:34
Had it back today .005” removed, off now to get the whole engine casings vapour blasted!
Parent - By leonm Date 10.09.19 07:41
paul, if you do not have access to the special torque wrench, you can easily make one. details on forum.
essential in my opinion.
Up Topic C1 Information / Repairs - Faults & Fixes / Head skimming

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