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- - By 1ukeinlondon Date 02.09.19 17:57
Hi guys, I am just having a whale of a time with this C1!

Here is the situation-

When i bought it the front wheel won't go up in park (it sits on the road) the centre stand (2 prong) would still extend so i thought it was ok. (that was a week ago)

I just stepped out to make an errand and i am pushing down and the short lever and the stand is moving back a bit then getting stuck, meanwhile the lever is now at the lowest point with no where to go.

I really don't want to take this to a shop who are going to rip my arms off fixing this.

Is there anyone that has experience and can help? This is mean't to be my daily commuter and i am just sinking money into it that i don't have
Parent - - By rockstedy Date 02.09.19 18:16
Welcome in C1 world!. Spray some silicone grease ( WD40) on mechanism and see if that helps. If not PM me as have spare working easy lift mechanism and recently completely rebuild one in spare bike.
Parent - - By 1ukeinlondon Date 02.09.19 18:30
Thanks Rocksteady, when i had the C1 with MobileTech he said he gave it a good spray to see if the wheel mechanism would work better and it hasn't. I am completely clueless when it comes to repair stuff (regretably) Will PM you
Parent - - By alunt Date 03.09.19 12:48
There’s a metal flap, accessible through the hole where the levers come through the dash. With a bit of practice you can move this manually as a temporary measure, it might be causing your problem. Longer term you would need to remove the 2 bolts which hold it in and grease everything properly. I’ve never had any luck with fixing the stand mechanism with just a squirt of WD40.
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 03.09.19 13:05
the problem is that part of the mechanism relies on friction.

Once the whole thing has been soaked with WD40, the friction is lost, and the mech will not work. Dousing it with grease has a similar effect.
The stand must be lubricated properly, not randomly.

(the flap is another issue, and if you are poking it with your fingers be VERY careful not to get trapped).
Parent - By 1ukeinlondon Date 04.09.19 16:34
Thanks HelmetHair for your help. Have accepted that my centre stand doesn't work as intended anymore and will use my feet, which can be a bit tricky. Will search the forum for the member who used a bungee cord or something to pull it back
Up Topic C1 Information / Repairs - Faults & Fixes / Bike won't come off center stand- please HELP

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