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- - By p.gill Date 27.05.19 19:01
Hi C1ers
Have just bought a Family Friend that had had ivy growing on it over the past 19 years, the panel work is unaffected and is mint, but the yellow seats etc are putting up a fight to be cleaned, the windscreen has been marked by a fine stain, maybe the ivy has etched something into the glass?
So can anyone offer any help as to the best products to use?
Many Thanks
Parent - - By HelmetHair Date 27.05.19 19:48
Love it! What’s the mileage?

I never found a 100% solution to cleaning the yellow seats. ...bleach?

There’s also a specific PVC cleaner for cleaning window frames I used. Not bad...but not perfect.
Parent - By p.gill Date 27.05.19 20:11
570 miles
Parent - - By rockstedy Date 27.05.19 22:11
Can recommend  WD-40 bike cleaner+nylon brush should remove most of dirt. For such a stain marks on yellow seat would try brush it with original Domestos rinsing after couple minutes with plenty of water. After all baby wipes may come handy to finish off cleaning plastic/rubber elements in corners and less accessible areas.
Parent - - By patc50 Date 28.05.19 08:09
Hi Paul - for the glass you might like to try a product called 'Astonish'.  There is a spray version but if you can find the plastic pot version then so much the better.  It is a very fine abrasive and cleans pots, pans etc, etc.  The abrasive action may help on the glass.  You could also try toothpaste - again, it's a very fine abrasive.

Parent - - By p.gill Date 28.05.19 10:15
Thanks for all your comments, it’s becoming clear I am not going to get all of the stains out, my wife has been trying vanish bicarbonate of soda, white wine vinegar in various combinations and quantities, we have got rid of about 70% of them.
My next thought is to try Vinylkote/Kolourbond and spray them, have used this product before on our Morris Minor and was very pleased with the results.
Will give astonish a try on the windscreen.
Parent - By 1ukeinlondon Date 02.09.19 09:18
Ah that's what my seat colour should be! I don't know how it ended up with black
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