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Topic Stalling at idle ever trip.. By 1ukeinlondon Date 19.10.19 18:18
Hi guys, update. After it stalls it's having a harder time starting back up
Topic Stalling at idle ever trip.. By 1ukeinlondon Date 18.10.19 21:05
Guys thank you all for your suggestions. I wasn't getting notifications so didn't realize people were responding. I have (as HelmetHair will attest) extremely limited capabilities so will read through the posts above and see what I can do.

Battery went flat cause I tried the steering lock and forgot about the light staying on..
Topic Stalling at idle ever trip.. By 1ukeinlondon Date 17.10.19 08:50
Hey guys. Since my battery went flat (not sure if it's related) the idle sounds really low and traffic lights and will stall (and start right up after button push) every trip (20mins X2 per day)

I don't want to sink any more money into this C1 than I need to. Hoping someone is clear on what the fix is. I know my mechanic told me my lambda sensor was not good (have replacement) bit not sure that will fix the issue

Thanks all!
Topic My project C1 w your help.. By 1ukeinlondon Date 16.10.19 15:42
Hey guys. My C1 is cutting out at a standstill every trip now. It will start right up after but at a traffic light the idle gets weaker and weaker then cuts out. Help?!
Topic 3D printed phone holder By 1ukeinlondon Date 04.10.19 12:07
I see a C1 on eBay which is rocking one. I messaged him

"New message from: bmw-m-pow3r (443Turquoise Star)
Hi, I designed and 3d printed the phone holder myseld so it's unlikely you would be able to buy one from anywhere... The files will be available on thingiverse soon if you wanted to have your own printed."
Topic My project C1 w your help.. By 1ukeinlondon Date 02.10.19 07:22
Hi all has anyone fitted Oxford Heated Grips to a C1. I am wondering how much labor will be involved I have had them before and they are great (for this time of year)

I plan to get a thermoscu cover for my legs (probably for my birthday) but funds are tight so wondering if I will 'need' both or I can just buy winter gloves
Topic My project C1 w your help.. By 1ukeinlondon Date 01.10.19 14:31
Thanks everyone. Pat has a nifty solution an attachment to the stand so you can use your feet to kick it out (will post pics)
Topic 3D printed phone holder By 1ukeinlondon Date 01.10.19 14:30
Thanks Pat, I just tried a car auction phone holder on top of the handlebar mount and the phone flung out. Would be interested in purchasing one if that's an option? Do you have pics? Maybe someone in here has a printer
Topic London ultra low emission zone £12.50 per day for C1 users By 1ukeinlondon Date 04.09.19 16:36
Finally mine is passed, after a couple of rejections
Topic Bike won't come off center stand- please HELP By 1ukeinlondon Date 04.09.19 16:34
Thanks HelmetHair for your help. Have accepted that my centre stand doesn't work as intended anymore and will use my feet, which can be a bit tricky. Will search the forum for the member who used a bungee cord or something to pull it back
Topic My project C1 w your help.. By 1ukeinlondon Date 04.09.19 16:31
Thank you Andrew! Just saw HelmetHair yesterday he says the cable is stretched, to avoid an expensive repair and the fact that many people have this issue and manage I am going to try to figure out how to make it work. He mentioned someone doing a bungee hack? It's a bit tricky pulling the centre stand back in with my feet-not sure if people do it standing to the side?
Topic Floppy mirrors By 1ukeinlondon Date 03.09.19 09:22
Thanks guys!
Topic My project C1 w your help.. By 1ukeinlondon Date 02.09.19 18:38
Centre stand has buggered. MobiTech says that's £300 to repair..
Topic Bike won't come off center stand- please HELP By 1ukeinlondon Date 02.09.19 18:30
Thanks Rocksteady, when i had the C1 with MobileTech he said he gave it a good spray to see if the wheel mechanism would work better and it hasn't. I am completely clueless when it comes to repair stuff (regretably) Will PM you
Topic Bike won't come off center stand- please HELP By 1ukeinlondon Date 02.09.19 17:57
Hi guys, I am just having a whale of a time with this C1!

Here is the situation-

When i bought it the front wheel won't go up in park (it sits on the road) the centre stand (2 prong) would still extend so i thought it was ok. (that was a week ago)

I just stepped out to make an errand and i am pushing down and the short lever and the stand is moving back a bit then getting stuck, meanwhile the lever is now at the lowest point with no where to go.

I really don't want to take this to a shop who are going to rip my arms off fixing this.

Is there anyone that has experience and can help? This is mean't to be my daily commuter and i am just sinking money into it that i don't have
Topic Cleaning By 1ukeinlondon Date 02.09.19 16:09
Having difficulty loading pics, even tried a screenshot of a photo but it said too big size
Topic London ultra low emission zone £12.50 per day for C1 users By 1ukeinlondon Date 02.09.19 14:27
Alex was very helpful as I got a hurdle from TFL where they said 'you are Euro 1!' I am now able to point out. Yes 1 was the standard of the time however the nox shows I am below the standard for Euro 3 now. After my second call with TFL today where even after saying this to them they were trying to get me to get another COC letter they said they will send it to the back office to re-review given the emission information. That department seems really under-trained. Another week to wait and here news..
Topic Cleaning By 1ukeinlondon Date 02.09.19 09:31
Hi all,

The inside panels of my C1 look like a scene from CSI.

Scratch marks everywhere. I have the option to order replacement interior panels of course but was curious about trying to give them a clean first. I have combed the forum but haven't found much info on this. Any tips on cleaning exterior panels will be welcome as well.

Topic Cleaning Tips By 1ukeinlondon Date 02.09.19 09:18
Ah that's what my seat colour should be! I don't know how it ended up with black
Topic Floppy mirrors By 1ukeinlondon Date 02.09.19 09:15
Hi all,

Both mirrors of my C1 flop around and need adjustment while riding. I imagine it's a by-product of the falls it has had. Is there a fix or do I just need to replace them?

Topic BMW C1 200 Red 2,930 miles SOLD By 1ukeinlondon Date 30.08.19 11:53
I just spent £1k in total for mine after servicing it..and it has 29k miles! You were right HelmetHair!

...Please mark the price up of this by a lot for fear of making me feel more bad
Topic My project C1 w your help.. By 1ukeinlondon Date 29.08.19 16:44
Here we go...

So here is the latest.

An hour labor to replace the Lambda sensor - £64 (if the used part i ordered works-which he is hesitant about)
3 hours labor to reseal / oil the forks - £204 (VarioBob tells me this is a 1hr 30 job MAX)

My thoughts-

For £204 + Parts (£50?) - isn't it better to upgrade the forks? VarioBob? Any other options?  YSS (£260 for the shock absorber)

I am relieve to be getting the C1 back tomorrow its the last real day i have to ride before i start the new job and resume family commitments
Topic My project C1 w your help.. By 1ukeinlondon Date 29.08.19 13:55
Thanks guys for your comments.

Ordered a Lambda from eBay (sorry Helmet got your message too late)

The brake hose is buggered so will order one from eBay (another £15)

Helmet re: your comments-

"I presume he will top up bleed system", he said filling the coolant was part of the 30k service (same thing?)

Topbox- it has hooks, i spoke to him to say the previous owner bolted the bottom of the box and has hooks and a bungee so i think it's fine (granted you can push it around a bit)

Is it the same buckle for the Left and Right? Do i have to replace the whole buckle kit (mount and cable)? Looks like it's £48 online unless Helmet you have one for sale?

I am at £410 for service/valves and the exhaust work, waiting on confirmation of fork work but will leave C1 with him till i have these new parts so it can all be taken care of at once (and i can pull some more money together)
Topic My project C1 w your help.. By 1ukeinlondon Date 29.08.19 11:45
Just got update from Pat (Mobile Mechanic reccomended on here) who is doing my 30k + Valves


Exhaust bolts need to be drilled and replaced

Engine bay had to be cleaned before work could get under way.
Extremely dirty and It would have been irresponsible to remove cam cover.

Interrogation of ECU results;

Lambda probe u/s, ABS system not responding - bypassed??

Visible defects:
Top box mounted dangerously loose. A danger to other road users. I would not advise use of the scooter whilst top box is fitted as it currently is.

Wrong spark plug fitted.

Wrong spark plug cap fitted too.

No coolant in expansion bottle,

Rear tyre low on tread - how did this pass an MOT?,

The nearside fork seal is leaking, recommend doing both.

Stand mechanism not working properly. Does not hold front wheel in ‘up’ position,

Nearside seat belt anchor broken
Topic Alternative Shocks Working - Update - Read first post By 1ukeinlondon Date 28.08.19 01:36
Thanks for the post.

Can't find FG Gubellini shocks for Majesty (it's been a few years) does this mean that any Majesty 125/200 shocks will fit C1 with minor tweaking?
Topic My project C1 w your help.. By 1ukeinlondon Date 26.08.19 15:04
Hey guys, missing grills seems common even in replacement panels. Where do you pick up spares?

Ok so first ride report..

Loved it!

2 immediate points that came to mind on my 50min trip.

My back was killing me! I'm 6'2 and the raised front of seat doesn't feel like it's helping. I felt most comfortable when not using the back rest and sitting forward a bit (or straight up)

Secondly, the vibrations through the handlebars! My hands were tied not that I think I had a particular strong grip, the vibrations are just so strong threw the bars..

Any fixes on the above points?
Topic Bumper / crash elemant By 1ukeinlondon Date 24.08.19 20:15
I heard back! £100 for bumpers is hard to justify at a third of the price of my C1. If anyone knows/hears of a cheaper pair please let me know!
Topic My project C1 w your help.. By 1ukeinlondon Date 24.08.19 10:41
You can hear a lot with a helmet on, especially I imagine when the speakers are in cabin and when you wear a helmet which doesn't cover the ears. I have had a tank bag stereo on my bike before which was great up to 50 but agreed about the embarrassing tunes. Def' not one of these guys playing the 'right' tunes but with the speakers a few inches from my head I am hoping that it won't be so noticeable outside especially when i have the rear screen and the side windows fitted. Stay tuned!
Topic ULEZ Zone and C1s By 1ukeinlondon Date 24.08.19 10:37
Weird thought i posted here yesterday but can't find it.

BMW got back to me to say my bike was Euro 1 (.05) via a letter. I have emailed this to TFL and waiting to hear back (no charge from BMW for this)
Topic ULEZ Zone and C1s By 1ukeinlondon Date 23.08.19 17:41
Just got my letter from BMW no charge and emailed to TFL. It says my 2po was manufactured to Euro 1 emission standard .05g/km
Topic My project C1 w your help.. By 1ukeinlondon Date 23.08.19 09:03
I have ordered a Lexin S3 powered speakers with bluetooth £89 the cost of the unit and the ease of install is financially a no-brainer. I will test them out before having them installed to make sure i am happy with the sound quality

Does anyone know where i can get a list of all the body panel numbers? People seem to list panels using those online and i can't always figure out which parts its for

Topic Hi everyone By 1ukeinlondon Date 22.08.19 17:21
Any tips to seeing it in English? Thanks
Topic Bumper / crash elemant By 1ukeinlondon Date 22.08.19 16:47
Not having luck getting a responce
Topic My project C1 w your help.. By 1ukeinlondon Date 21.08.19 18:54
Am aware of non speaker options thank you
Topic My project C1 w your help.. By 1ukeinlondon Date 21.08.19 18:23
Hi guys still thinking about this FAS system. Been researching it on the forum but can't find how long the install takes?

I can pick a FAS up for £150 + Labour


A Bluetooth powered speaker for £80 (hopefully as decent) + hopefully less than an hour install time

Topic My project C1 w your help.. By 1ukeinlondon Date 20.08.19 14:26
PM'ed you Phil-

OK so i saw the bike, how do i load pictures on this site? Do i have to go to TinyPic?

BASICALLY..every panel is pretty much screwed including the tits (both sides) and the seat, the luggage is strapped on so i think there is an issue with the mechanism (i think someone mentioned a fix above)

What is fine, tyres, windscreen, wipers, left side panels are OK

I spoke to the V-Ten who quote me £300-£500 for the 30k Service OUCH ha, I am at 29k right now so the plan is to pass the MOT (address anything else major that my mechanic can see) then pick it up, ride around until i can afford the above and pick up new panels from online as they become available (ebay?)

Once someone shares how to upload pictures will do that so everyone can have a good laugh
Topic My project C1 w your help.. By 1ukeinlondon Date 18.08.19 15:11
Powered speaker options-

Looks interesting- no amp or headunits= simple install. Price is about same for a FAS currently

Tempted to get this one- sub £100 minimal labour cost
Topic My project C1 w your help.. By 1ukeinlondon Date 17.08.19 09:53
Thank-you both for your comments. I have taken most of it on-board ;)

You're probably right (if I am lucky) I will spend about £2500 on it over the next year- historically thats what i do with my projects. I never get my money back at the end but I get immense pleasure from enjoying it and i can't see myself ever selling it as it is being built for purpose.

I am having the bike transported today g-d willing. AnyVan messed me around yesterday, then Shiply said they would collect it yesterday but neglected to tell me it would be 9.30pm so have had to re-arrange it for today.

I want to be very methodical so before he puts the bike back together he is able to fit everything so here is a list of what I think i will need so far which i think is the following-

1- Fun Audio (upgraded amp i think i have one) & Head Unit with phone app support (not to be confused with CarPlay now)
2- Alarm (cheap but good recommended one?)
3- Micro USB for wireless charging holder
4- Oxford Heated Grips (if it doesn't have stock ones)
5- Tracker (i currently have Bike trac (i feel like there are cheaper ways of doing it)
6- Keyless ignition (leaving stock as decoy-always wanted to do that)
7- Might need some sort of Power Management

I will probably have the panels sent off for wrapping while this is happening as hopefully it is cheaper as well as easier to do it this way.

Just realized apart from making a note of the cosmetic items that need replacing I don't know if there is anything else I should be looking for while I am with the bike?

It's living at my mechanics shop (not close to me) so would like to make the most of my trip on Monday.

Topic My project C1 w your help.. By 1ukeinlondon Date 16.08.19 17:14
Hi guys, hope this is the right thread.

I just picked up a 200 with 29k miles sight unseen for what i think is a good deal.

Here is the info that has been shared with me "Bike starts first time and rides fine, would not need a lot for MOT, main items to note rear brake pads need replacing (included), and the fork seals need replacing. Other items of note but not called out on MOT inspection are left safety belt latch needs repair\replacing, Alarm does not work. The topbox is held on by octopus straps but is secure and lockable.

I am having it taken to my mechanic to strip down as this will be a project of mine with an aim to have it up and running for the winter and modded.

Questions so far-

1) Is it better to have the stock suspension serviced or to upgrade with Hagons?
2) Thoughts about sending the engine to Vten for assesment and service? 
3) I never found out if all models come with Heated Seats / Grips but I would like to have that
4) The sunroof option how do i get one?
5) What else should i be considering at this stage
6) Not sure why the top box is held on by straps but i guess i will find out what needs fixing

I want to be methodical about this so I work smart, look forward to hearing your thoughts/experience.


Topic Hemet repurcussions (again) By 1ukeinlondon Date 07.08.19 09:07
I plan to get one of those sleep bycicle helmets with a little peak to wear, I am 6'2 as well thans for the heads up (excuse the pun) about the head banging (music reference?). I have yet to ride one but am looking.but am already buying accessories lol
Topic London ultra low emission zone £12.50 per day for C1 users By 1ukeinlondon Date 06.08.19 11:56
Helmet Hair aren't you selling a ULEZ compliant C1? Or was it someone else

Either way, hopeful for me a London riding 200 WTByer
Topic C200 Executive in London Black or Silver- PLEASE DELETE By 1ukeinlondon Date 05.08.19 15:45
Topic C1 200 from The Netherlands By 1ukeinlondon Date 05.08.19 15:39
Great looking C1, what are your thoughts on the music kit?

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