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Topic _C1 theft attempt By patc50 Date 14.05.22 09:41
Hi there - what a pain!!  Like Paul, I've got a spare somewhere if you're stuck.  Just for info, you can still get new ones from BMW for surprisingly little money.  When I stripped and renewed the paint on the dashboard I bought a new one to go with the new paint job.

Topic Available Bikes By patc50 Date 10.04.22 18:35
You got it for a reasonable price and glad you're enjoying riding it - they are a real talking point wherever you park them!  I've never dealt with Chas Bikes but I know some guys on the forum have had problems in the past ...... big bills and questionable workmanship.  However, you're happy with the deal and that's what counts.  Lots of info here on the forum, feel free to ask questions.


Topic Strange seat question By patc50 Date 02.04.22 15:48
I did slacken the main pivot bolt - no joy, then main pivot bolt plus the 3 bracket fixing bolts - again no joy.  There is very little play in any of the bolts.  I'm thinking that it simply needs 'working in' .... at least I hope so!
I'm away tomorrow for a few weeks so it will have to wait now ...... then it will be summer and I won't need a heated seat.
Topic Strange seat question By patc50 Date 01.04.22 18:15
It's a new seat and I've checked the bracket - I suspect the seat hasn't been 'worn' in.  Looking at some other seats I see that the frame locator pins have created a groove where they locate in the plastic seat cones - none seem to fit exactly.  I'm hoping that once I've got it to go down then it will wear in and work properly.

You can never have too many bikes!
Topic Strange seat question By patc50 Date 01.04.22 11:26
Hi HH, yes I tried that but no go I'm afraid.  Andrew's suggestion (above) of just sit on the damn thing is a good one!
Topic Strange seat question By patc50 Date 31.03.22 18:32
I had wondered about that but afraid that the seat will get stuck down.  I might try it by putting a strap under the seat first so I can pull it up if there's a problem.
Thank's for the offer of the extra weight!!
Topic Strange seat question By patc50 Date 29.03.22 17:47
I was lucky enough to find a new heated seat that actually works and at a decent price so bought it.  I believe it's brand new and never been fitted.  I swapped it over with my existing seat and find that the new seat won't close properly, (seat metal clip is in correct position).  From what I can see, I think the two cone-shaped metal seat locators that protrude up from the frame don't quite match the position of the cone-shaped receptors in the seat base.  My plan is slightly to widen the receptor cones in the seat base with a Dremel or similar. 

Before I do this I thought I'd ask if anyone has had a similar problem?  Any info much appreciated.

Topic Hello By patc50 Date 25.03.22 07:23
As you say, some people love it, some people hate it ..... but whatever their opinion, people are usually interested in the unique design.  Some years ago I took my Williams 200 to a local bikers meeting which took place once a month at a local cafe.  There were huge Harleys, Gold Wings, Ducatis and more, but the little C1, with its 200cc engine, gained the most interest.  Wherever you park it, someone will usually ask a question.  If I'm waiting at traffic lights and a 'normal' bike comes up beside me, I usually say 'nice bike but you're missing a roof'.

I get more smiles per mile on a C1 than any other bike.

Have fun.

Topic German Treffen C1 meeting - cancelled By patc50 Date 22.03.22 11:35
It's a shame to report that the C1 meeting in Germany (Treffen) has been cancelled again for this year.  Apparently the Covid cases in the area have jumped so it will be too risky.  Paul and I were planning to attend so we will have to come up with an alternative trip!

Topic Seat stuck down By patc50 Date 25.02.22 16:38
This morning I called at our local petrol station for fuel for my C1 and was somewhat embarrassed when I couldn't lift the seat to access the filler cap.  The key was working okay but the seat wouldn't budge.  I pushed the bike to a parking space then pushed, pulled and put weight on the seat but still no joy.  The yellow low fuel light was on but I managed to get home. 

At home I got a car roof rack strap (canoe strap), and fed it behind and under the seat as far as I could so I could get an even pull on the seat.  Pulling up on the strap and turning the key in the lock at the same time finally freed the seat.  The lock mechanism needed a good clean with WD40 but I think the main problem was the lock mechanism was being fouled by the throttle cable.  The throttle cable should be tucked under the expansion tank but it was under the seat lock mechanism.  Once the cable was out of the way and the mechanism was clean, it all worked properly again. 


Topic Back Again By patc50 Date 13.02.22 10:03
There are some nice ones for sale in Germany - okay, you've got the aggro of import, speedo etc, but there is a wider choice of well looked after ones.  However, I am always surprised that low mileage, good condition ones still pop up in the UK from time to time.
Topic Available Bikes By patc50 Date 21.01.22 10:34
Yes, the Williams you refer to is on eBay and the seller is Chas bikes.  Advert says it's done +34K miles, it's bodywork is very battered and the screen is cracked ....... and it says it's fit to ride away!  I wouldn't risk it.  It's on for £850 but as the most valuable part, the screen, is cracked, then £850 it pushing it for a donor vehicle.
Topic BMW C1 Servicing By patc50 Date 09.01.22 18:13
That's great, thanks for the info.
Topic BMW C1 Servicing By patc50 Date 09.01.22 10:56
Just out of interest, did you have to pay any import tax, VAT etc on top of the eBay price?

Topic BMW C1 Servicing By patc50 Date 05.01.22 10:09
You're right HH, they are definitely 'handed' but can't recall which is which ..... as you say, thinner rubber for the right I think.
Topic Happy Christmas and New Year By patc50 Date 24.12.21 18:41
Happy festive season to all C1ers.  Looking forward to some sunny riding weather in 2022.

Topic Parts By patc50 Date 13.12.21 11:04
You may get a response from this forum about spare parts  - some C1ers have a stash of odds and ends.  There is always eBay of course.  Also, I see that you are in Dublin so you won't have any problems getting parts from the German eBay - specifically this site which is German eBay Classified -
Now the UK is no longer part of the EU, having parts sent from the EU to the UK means that we now pay VAT, Import Duty and a handling fee - but it's no problem for you.
For other service parts, don't forget our good friend Variobob (Bob Leenhouwers) in the Netherlands -

Hope this helps

Topic Bangers and Cash - C1 sold in November By patc50 Date 22.11.21 11:06
Ah, yes, I'd forgotten about garages and the weak link - they usually break it!  As you say, probably a 125.  The guy I spoke to was at the auction so was fairly certain about the price it sold for.
Topic Bangers and Cash - C1 sold in November By patc50 Date 21.11.21 19:18
Some of you may be familiar with the TV vehicle auction programme 'Bangers and Cash'.  I was chatting with a guy that buys and sells old vehicles through the auction and he told me that a C1 was sold in early November and was sold for around £1,000.  You can search the old lots online ( and sure enough, a red C1 with 4,470 miles on the clock was recently sold.  There is only one photograph available but it looks in reasonable condition but it doesn't say whether it was a 125 or a 200.  If the mileage is genuine and it is in as good a condition as it looks, then the buyer has got a good deal.
Does anyone know who bought it?
Topic ULEZ Zone and C1s By patc50 Date 21.11.21 10:51
Barbarossa - referring to your original post, my reason for saying that your post was in poor taste was because there will be family members reading this forum who have suffered the agony of a stillborn child, a stillbirth or a miscarriage. To say, even as a so called 'joke', that a newborn child should thrown away is just plain offensive. That's my last word on the matter.
Topic ULEZ Zone and C1s By patc50 Date 18.11.21 14:53
Barbarossa - not funny and in very poor taste.  I suggest you delete your post.
Topic A C1 living less than a mile from my house! By patc50 Date 11.11.21 10:27
Hi Andrew, 3 C1 enthusiasts together in Bolton - surely that's some kind of record?
Hope all well with you.
Topic We need a new moderator! By patc50 Date 29.10.21 18:13
Hi Chris - thanks for all your efforts over the years.  The forum is an amazing resource, thank you for maintaining it.

HH, thanks for taking on the moderator's job so we can continue to benefit from the collective knowledge gained over the years.


Topic Petrol pump By patc50 Date 23.10.21 10:20
Ah, I'd forgotten where it came from.  Bolt-on-Billy came to my house and put his resettable stand link modification on both my C1s.  A nice chap with an extensive knowledge of C1s.

Topic Petrol pump By patc50 Date 22.10.21 17:25
If you do have to repair the sprag clutch then attached is a useful 'how to' document someone shared previously.  I saved it in case I needed one day!

Hope it helps.

Attachment: MendingtheSpragClutch.pdf (125k)
Topic Variator By patc50 Date 01.10.21 14:56
+1 for the Malossi variator ...... as per Paul's post, better take off and a little more top end.  I haven't fitted the yellow spring that comes in the kit.

Topic electric conversion By patc50 Date 28.09.21 16:50
The short answer is no, I don't think there is an 'off the shelf' conversion kit on the market.  However, a number of people have given it a go - see this thread -

Also, there was a French or Swiss guy (can't recall which) that has done an electric conversion and was (or is) trying to get the relevant EU certificates of roadworthiness.  He was going to bring it to the German C1 meeting in 2020 but Covid got in the way.  If he has got it sorted he may be at the 2022 meeting.

Topic Pretty patterns! By patc50 Date 22.09.21 16:18
Hi Paul, I've never seen any of your C1s with any muck or oil on them.  This is a first!!

Topic E10 petrol By patc50 Date 30.08.21 17:56
I'm sure a monthly run would solve the E10 storage problem.  However, last year I was out of action with a medical problem for nearly 3 months so looking at various options to keep my C1 in good condition.
Topic Rear axle support By patc50 Date 27.08.21 17:54
Paul renewed the bearings as above for me and as he says, he posted it back the same day!

Thanks Paul.

Topic E10 petrol By patc50 Date 26.08.21 17:43
Hi grad - nice to hear from you, hope all well.
I've not heard of either of those products so looked them both up.  The Millers is expensive but seems to do a multitude of jobs and the Sea Foam is ...... well, not quite sure what it is but if it means not having to take 6 carbs apart it's certainly worth a go!

Topic E10 petrol By patc50 Date 26.08.21 08:41
After a bit of online research I have found a product that claims to stabilise E10 (and other) fuels.  STA-BIL do various products one is called STA-BIL Storage for use when putting a vehicle in to storage (you see how clever they are!) and another is called STA-BIL 360 for everyday use.  I've not used the product but may get some if I'm not going to use my C1 in December and January.
Topic Buying goods from the EU By patc50 Date 25.08.21 09:06
Thanks for the info - appreciated.

Topic E10 petrol By patc50 Date 22.08.21 09:49
I've asked this question before and got some mixed replies so here goes - will the new E10 petrol damage the C1?  They have had E10 fuel in Germany for some time now and some German friends said it was no problem whilst others said they use some sort of protective additive.  I'm told that vehicles built after 2002 should be okay but the C1 crosses that timescale.  Super unleaded will remain as E5 so can use that.  Any other info will be appreciated?

Topic Strange tinkling noise By patc50 Date 10.08.21 14:12
Thanks for this - will check that too!
Topic Strange tinkling noise By patc50 Date 10.08.21 08:44
Hi Paul, this is interesting as I've sometimes thought that my exhaust has a loose baffle or something as I've heard a rattle/tinkle sound from that area.  When I get a chance I'll take the exhaust off, make sure it's not that, and if necessary, I'll take you up on your offer of help with bearing replacement.

Topic 2003 C1 Front Brake lever stuck - By patc50 Date 24.06.21 16:57
I'm hoping that someone with more technical knowledge than me can help ...... but, before thinking about replacing the ABS (second mortgage required to buy one!), have you taken the front wheel off and checked that the pistons can move in the brake calliper?

Topic Timing chain renewed By patc50 Date 22.06.21 15:06
With the help of my good friend Paul, I've just replaced the timing chain on my Williams 200 even though it has only done 9500 miles.  German and Dutch C1ers have often mentioned that the original BMW timing chain can stretch and jump a timing tooth, causing damage to the valves and engine.  There have been cases where it has snapped altogether.  As a precaution I decided to fit a new DID chain (approx £45 from Brooks Barn) and renew the timing chain rails (approx £16 from BMW).  As this job is beyond my mechanical capabilities I though that I'd better call Paul.  I took my bike plus parts to Paul (social distance observed), and he replaced the timing chain, engine in situ, in about 3 hours - quite remarkable!  I'm sure there will be other challenges to face as the C1s get older but at least I know the timing chain is sound.

Thanks Paul, your skill is much appreciated and thanks to Tracy for the tea and Welsh cakes.

Topic Autotrader Bikes By patc50 Date 28.05.21 08:37
I see that there are 3 C1s advertised for sale on Autotrader Bikes.  I had never considered looking at Autotrader regarding C1s.  For anyone interested, there is a silver Executive 200 for sale, 4.5k miles, £3,500 which, even with the low mileage, seems rather expensive to me.

Topic Hello from an old member who hasn't been around for a while By patc50 Date 26.05.21 10:54
Hi Stu, yes, exactly - it was C1telleshop run by a German guy called Guido, sadly now closed as mentioned above.

Topic Hello from an old member who hasn't been around for a while By patc50 Date 25.05.21 16:14
Hi Stu and welcome back.  Glad you're thinking about giving your C1 some tender loving care!  To answer your question - I'm afraid that there is no UK C1 specialist like Variobob although, as always, the people on the forum are as helpful as always and there are some with extensive knowledge of our quirky machines.

To make matters slightly worse, the German guy, Guido, who had a shop selling most C1 spare parts has closed his shop although Variobob still has a stock of various bits.  Also, owing to Brexit, the cost of having parts sent from Europe has gone through the roof and, if it costs over £135, you will be hit with import tax, VAT and a handling charge from the courier company.  You can guess how I know this!

Someone London-based may come up with the name of a specialist but I'm afraid the C1 market has shrunk over the years.  There is a good supply of C1s and parts in Germany .... bearing in mind my previous comments about imports.


Topic Exhaust went pop this morning By patc50 Date 20.05.21 10:44
Hmmm, not heard of that one before - a strange one.  Someone on here may have a spare one and they do come up on eBay.  If desperate, check German eBay, usually some on there but beware of the new import duty and import VAT. 

Topic Looking to buy a C1 By patc50 Date 11.05.21 18:14
Hi Matthew, are there C1s for sale in South Africa?  There used to be a guy from SA on this forum 'Leonm' I think his name was.  he has not posted anything for some time now so he may have given up his C1s - he was very knowledgable about them.
Topic Looking to buy a C1 By patc50 Date 07.05.21 19:34
Hi there, you are right in saying they are a joy to ride, and fun too.  I get more ‘smiles per mile’ from the C1 that any of the big bikes I’ve owned.  One thing to be aware of, unless you have some reasonable, basic mechanical skills, they are not cheap to service or repair.  Most servicing can be done at home and there is an online workshop manual that’s freely available.  If you ever have to take it to a garage for repair then make sure you’re sitting down when they give you the bill. 
Good luck with whatever transport you end up with.

Topic Buying goods from the EU By patc50 Date 21.04.21 17:26
Hi Gerard - I'm told that if the item is rare or historical then the VAT is reduced to 5% .... but I'm sure it would be a battle with HMRC to get a refund.
Aware - not sure what country you are in but it would be worth looking up the import regulations - you never know, C1s might be exempt :)
Topic Buying goods from the EU By patc50 Date 20.04.21 18:04
I've fallen foul of the new import duties when buying goods from outside the UK. I bought some parts for my C1 from Germany costing 245€ and have had a demand for another £58 as import tax to be paid before the package will be delivered.  It seems that if you buy goods valued at £135.00 or over, they are liable to import tax.  From what I can gather it applies to new goods, secondhand goods and gifts as well.
If you are buying multiple items it might be worth paying the postage on say, 2 packages valued under £135, rather than the import duty.  One could ask the seller to mark the price as below £135 but that would be illegal ............!

Topic Heated seat refurb By patc50 Date 15.04.21 09:02
Ah, thought so.  Thank you for confirming.  I'll need to think of a Plan B!

Topic Heated seat refurb By patc50 Date 13.04.21 17:35
Does anyone know whether the black vinyl seat cover is glued to the the seat foam underneath?  I know the leather seat cover is glued to the seat foam but I was hoping the black vinyl covering is not glued in place and can be peeled off.

Any info would be appreciated.

Topic Sale Advice Needed Please re C1200 By patc50 Date 05.04.21 09:35
Hi Andre, I've just sold an immaculate 125 Wasp colour C1 with 13,000 miles so a bit different to your sale - but I will tell you my experience of selling.  You will need some photos, especially of any damage, a good description and some history.  Also, the model is important, for example, the Williams and Executive models are more sought after.  Also ABS or non ABS.  I advertised on this forum and got no response as, understandably, if you are a member of this forum you probably already have a C1 and the forum membership is not a huge number.  There is a Facebook C1 UK page - I had no success there either.  I then put it on eBay and immediately had a number of enquiries and after a few days I saw the advert had been viewed over 1000 times with about 100 people 'watching'. I had 6 or 7 serious enquiries including a Londoner asking about emissions as he wanted to use it in London's ULEZ.  After about 5 days on eBay I sold it to a chap in Ireland.
As for the price - it obviously depends on the mileage, condition and model but at a guess, and from your description alone, I would say anything from £700 to £1200 ....... but I'm no expert!


Topic Plug in socket By patc50 Date 26.03.21 12:51
Hi Paul - nice job.  I recall we spoke about this before and I think it takes the smaller 'male' plug.  I see that my Optimate trickle charger male plug has a removable end section so can be either the large size or convert to the smaller size.


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