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Topic How reinstall fork seal holders? By janw Date 28.08.19 18:39

See the result in picture 1. See the heroes that made it possible in picture 2. And, ladies and gentlemen, notice the battle scars in that 100-year-old piece of plank. I am usually a peaceful man and it is difficult to appreciate the amount of violence necessary to move those seal holders into place.
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Topic How reinstall fork seal holders? By janw Date 28.08.19 10:03
Hi C1 fellows,

These holders (see picture) turned out to be much easier to remove than reinstall. The fit is tight and when I apply force to push a holder onto its fork slider it tilts and gets stuck. According to the BMW Service Manual, there is a drift punch (BMW 31 5 712) that is to be used when reinstalling. And of course I don't have it. Any tips for how to do this job without the tool?

Thanks, /Jan
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Topic What are the part numbers - consumables By janw Date 18.05.09 08:41
Thanks for a very useful compilation, Clive! However, I note that the rear wheel nut shares its part no with the variator; the part no for the rear wheel nut is 363 17657 904, I believe. /Jan

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