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Topic Stopped on the M4 By C1owner Date 27.06.19 11:40
Erm....John....I still have 4 :-)
Topic Stopped on the M4 By C1owner Date 26.06.19 07:39
"I think Peter Parker explored every option and had to give up in the end" .......

Erm....not really one for giving up mate lol. I think you will find it was, essentially, the CPS that gave up :-)
Topic Stopped on the M4 By C1owner Date 26.06.19 07:37
Hi Paul :-) Pleased to hear that there are still some die hard helmetless drivers out there :-)

Over the years the recounting of my exploits seem to have suffered something along the lines of Chinese whispers lol.....allow me to set the record straight (not that I have a record of course ;) )

I was not found not guily on "one" ocassion in the Magistrates Court. I was found not guilty five times. It was this that prompted Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to take the matter to the High Court to establish if the Magistrates Court was right to continue to do this or not. Very long story cut short, the evidently pre-determined decision of Lord Justice Maurice Kay and his wingmen (one was a wingwoman) was that the Magistrates Court was wrong to find me not guilty and they were instructed to find me guilty on all five counts.

I was not particularly surprised at this outcome and drove back from the High Court without a helmet of course.

The Magistrates Court were somewhat miffed that the High Court had given it something of a slap. I was asked what I had to say in mitigation and delivered a short (for me anyway lol) recap of the stupidity of the archaic legislation that so clearly should not be applied to this specific vehicle. Once again, the very reasonable and thoughtful magistrates listened carefully and arrived at the following conclusion. They had no option but to find me guilty as directed by the High Court and so the verdict was duly handed out. Guilty on all five counts. However, the punishment for these dastardly crimes was not stated by the High Court and so, partly I think to help wipe the egg from their faces, they almost gleefully stated that due to the consequences of my actions (ie driving a BMW C1 without an approved protective helmet) being extremely unlikely to result in any less protection to my head, they stated (words to the effect of) "We are granting you an Absolute Discharge on all five cases, without fine and without costs". I thanked them very much indeed, left the court, got "in" my C1 and drove home. I did not wear a helmet again for the duration of my C1 driving years (that ended several years after my last court appearance) at the end of May 2011 when I moved abroad. That amounted to a total of ten years helmetless driving and, if I were still in the UK, it would now be 18 years!

I was, of course, stopped several times after my five Absolute Discharges but nothing ever came of any of those. The best stop was in a fuel station, somewhere between Northampton and Birmingham, where an officer in a parked police car saw me drive in. As I was filling up he approached me and told me I should wear a helmet "on one of these things". I said something to the contrary to which he began a short lecture about the actions of someone called Peter Parker who took on the government and lost, ending up with five counts going against him! I corrected him saying that he actually got five absolute discharges and the CPS has given up trying to get him penalised. He asked to see my licence, looked at it, smiled, said "Have a nice day Mr Parker" and walked back to his car :-)

By all means lean upon any of the documents from my history in this regard and also feel free to refer to any of my posts too. There are one or two! Unless you plan on tackling the subject with all gund blasting and being in for the long haul as I was, I do not think you should refer to the turban argument at all. The case for driving a C1 without a helmet is perfectly strong enough by simply depending upon the extremely obvious and huge lengths that BMW has gone to to produce a two wheeled vehicle that is "safe" to drive without a helmet. Additionally you can then find plenty of data on basal skull fractures that have every chance of resulting from high impact frontal collisions if you add a couple of kilo to your already weighty head. Make your case sensibly, logically and reasonably based upon safety issues and without emotional content and without pointing fingers at others. My five absolute discharges AFTER the High Court directive to find me guilty is a very strong lead for other sensible, reasonable Magistrates to follow. Hope you get on ok. Please let me know! Kind regards PP.    
Topic Ship C1 to Australia By C1owner Date 10.04.13 22:00
runtime error on that link?
Topic C1owners Co1umn By C1owner Date 10.04.13 21:58
Oh my! I can virtually here that ticking over as I looked at the picture :-) Not sure if you know I have owned a Triumph Trident since 1974 so just mentioning it so you knowI can relate pretty well to your ride :-) Is it cold enough to need those Amals tickling over there? Please link me up to any helicopter videos you have posted anywhere as I would like to see them. I met a guy recently here who is one of the leading model helicopter pilots in the Philippines. I went to his home to discuss installing a camera rig under one of his choppers. He already had the American made rig and all the controllers to get it to point every which way and it was a truly beautiful bit of engineering :-) I may even be able to link the pair of you up due to your common interest :-)
Topic C1owners Co1umn By C1owner Date 17.03.13 05:17
Thanks Phil. Just this week I think we spotted the answer to getting more than two of us onboard. But you need to think laterally - instead of longitudinally! lol We came up behind a 125 with the rider sitting pushed up on the tank due to the load behind him.....ok, it was not being occupied at the time, but it was simply amazing to see a three seat SOFA ACROSS the rear seat and rack!! Not so good at nipping through a congested city maybe but what comfort!! Hahahaha! We would have grabbed a pic from behind him but it was after dark and would not have worked out. I did get a shot of a pillion carrying a bicycle across the seat though so here it is :-)

Attachment: bikeonbikereduced.jpg (572k)
Topic C1owners Co1umn By C1owner Date 17.03.13 05:11
Thanks Jethro :-) I count myself fortunate to be able to travel so far from what so many believe to be the same the world over. Your eyes are opened wider than you can possibly imagine once you go further than Europe and the USA. I manage a full nights sleep every night. Love Mae, however, seems to have a different hearing mechanism to my "switched off" one during hours of darkness :-) Did you get to experience the driverless train from HK to the city or was it just an airport restricted stopover? I like HK but felt a bit ripped off by the locals at times. Anyways, have a great time in Sydney. Never got that far out :-(

Topic Ship C1 to Australia By C1owner Date 12.03.13 20:00
Just caught up with this. Excellent move frahm and many thanks for documenting it all :-) When I get around to doing the same (hopefully) with one or all of mine here in the Philippines, I will document everything too :-)
Topic C1owners Co1umn By C1owner Date 12.03.13 19:55
The Yamaha is still going strong. Turns out it is worth every peso after a year and a half of hard labour here. I paid 68,000 pesos for it new, this being between half and one third of the UK price, and its returning about 40km/ltr of Shell FuelSave (yes, we have that here at 54 pesos per litre) The exchange rate is a killer and the worst its been since I first came here back in 2004. It was then 104 and its now 64! A cool 40% drop. I feel sorry for Filipinos working just as hard in the UK as they ever did but only being able to send home half of what they used to :-(

Mechanics here are different to the UK. The Yamaha stopped (about 5km outside the city) so I called "my man" who pottered out on his own motorcycle. The air filter was entirely blocked after a year in this dusty environment. His fee for getting me up and running was two quid.

I had a new chain fitted as the old one seemed to be stretching way to much and was then going to trash the sprockets. Three quid. But the link they used was too wide for my bike and was clonking an aluminium part somewhere! They fitted a "skinny" link and all is well. I decided to get my haircut down the road while "my man" was sorting this problem out. I came back to the workshop and he was out on a test drive. I asked when he left and was told 10 minutes ago. 15 minutes later there was still no sign of him. I texted him and he said he will "come back soon" !! Turns out he went to visit someone outside the city and have lunch with them. As I said, they have a different way of doing this here, including test drives!

The most common form of public transport here (after the well known "Jeepney") is the "Motorella" (known as a "took took" in Thailand I think) and this comprises a standard 125 motorcycle around which something akin to the rear end of a Morris 1000 van is welded. This has bench seats along each side with an access/exit at the back in the centre and seats up to 4 people each side.....and then one each side of the driver who is sitting on the motorcycle! So thats 11 people plus the weight of the gadget itself! The gearing is drastically lowered so they can actually transport people at a top speed of about 25kph. I have never seen such overworked and painfully laboured motorbikes in my life! 7 pesos will get you anywhere in the city. Bargain.

List of things transported on and around my Yamaha at different times to date. Weekly groceries in a big cardboard box on the rack, two Filipina's (I cannot tell you how strange it is to listen to a conversation on a motorcycle and to not actually be a part of it!), gallon cans of paint, many kilos of nails, 8ft lengths of 4x2, 8ft lengths of PVC 1/2 inch water pipe, 8ft lengths of skirting board/coving/dado rail, two x 25kg bags of cement, a bunch of 12 red roses (Valentines day obviously), five kitchen cabinet doors and a pushchair. Motorcycles here are seen as a means of transport that can be loaded up with anything at all and nobody takes any notice at all. I drew the line at 11 sheets of 8ft x 4ft x 3/4 MDF though and strapped those on top of the truck! Most entertaining cargo on someone elses bike was two live pigs. I complain when my human pillion moves around so I have no idea how mentally composed this bloke was with those wobbling about all over the place!

I may well donate my trusty steed to becoming a "site bike" for my foreman to use on the next project and treat myself to the newly released Yamaha 150 SZ. That will give me a bit more grunt up the hills, some of which are 1 in 3 types, but I need to sell the current project I am building first :-) The housing market here seems strong with lots of building work going on so I am excited to see how I fair in a month or two when I put the house on the market. All very exciting stuff!

Oh, Love Mae presented me with a beautiful baby girl 5 months ago (Miley May Parker) so my family life is exciting too! Its all go go go here! :-) 
Topic DVD OF CRASH TEST By C1owner Date 12.03.13 19:16
33 degrees today. So yes, the weather here is definitely better from what I see on TV there! I really must begin investigations about getting one or all of my C1's here. That roof would be brilliant protection from the sun :-)
Topic DVD OF CRASH TEST By C1owner Date 27.12.12 02:11
Thanks J :-) Just spotted that important quotation in your post above that should ideally be stated on the roadside, when stopped, to serve as a deterrent:-

"Not in the public interest to proceed with prosecution"

Topic DVD OF CRASH TEST By C1owner Date 24.12.12 03:24
Hi :-) Tis' I...Pierre :-)

Firstly, thank you one and all for the very kind comments above. MA, the typhoon was a serious one taking the lives of more than 1000 people on this island....but where we live, it was ok :-) Thanks for the Christmas wishes and i send mine to you all of course...even if its too hot (30 degrees) to feel Chrismassy lol!

I have received contact from Alan now and posted info about this in the helmet section :-)

I do pop in here infrequently so it should not be too tricky to find me. I also plan on shipping my C1's out here at some point......should be interesting :-)

Topic C1owners Co1umn By C1owner Date 14.08.12 03:57
14th August 2012. I have been away from both the UK and my "c1utch" of C1's for about 15 months now. I pop back here to ye goode olde Forum once in a while to keep a finger on the pulse and have posted a few times but  thought I would take the liberty of having my own thread to comment/chat about life on two wheels here on the remote island of Mindanao in deepest and most distant Philippines.

I do miss the C1. The weather here is either 30 degrees, dry, (dusty in the city) and humid or 30 degrees, extremely wet with monsoon rain that saturates you in a heartbeat. Accordingly, the roof element of the C1 would afford welcome relief from the harsh sunlight, heat and torrential rain. The rain sometimes enters into a battle with the sun with an odd result. I can travel 10km and feel the rain hitting my hands, face and clothing along the entire journey yet I am still bone dry! No sooner has it landed, it evaporates.

About a year ago I bought a new Yamaha YBR125G. This has an overall size similar to a 400/500cc bike so suited my 6ft frame. 125's are the order of the day here and, with the exception of a few seriously steep hills, there is absolutely no need/point to have a larger capacity. The roads are generally quite badly laid concrete that does not entice you to travel at more than 40kph. But a further, far more effective, aid to driving slowly is the abundance of junctions and the lack of priority when passing them. Every day, many times each day, people on bikes and in cars, buses and trucks will simply pull out in front of you to either travel the same or the opposite direction to you. It is not because they do not see you as, on the contrary, they look directly at you as they slowly proceed. On the face of it, this sounds quite insane but when driving/riding here you must remove your western head and fit your eastern head. When nobody has priority at junctions there is only one solution - drive slowly and be prepared to give way. Everyone is looking around to decide who must give way to who. You cannot do this at speed so, remarkably, the system really does work. Around the city and just outside where I live, if you do have an accident, the worst you might do is "topple" off. I do not know as I have never seen an accident here. I think they only recently got rid of the man with the red flag!

MA asked me about the helmet legislation here (someone was bound too!) In a nutshell, it is odd! But as this is a developing nation, legislation and enforcement is developing too so they are not too sure about how to go about things and how to make sure people do them. In the adjacent city of Iligan for example, the driver (the one holding the handlebars) must wear a "helmet" but the passengers (yes, plural and as many as you can fit on) need not. But you would still be wrong to think that a driver always needs to wear a helmet whilst his or her four passengers do not as this depends ..... wait for it .... on which day of the week it is! On the basis of gradually introducing helmet legislation that is not terribly popular to many, who see it simply as an additional expense, the requirement for the driver only to wear a helmet is only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Obviously.

Here in my city of Cagayan de Oro, the driver only is required to always wear a helmet. But it seems I overlooked to mention the definition of a "helmet" here. Oh, no I didn't ... it was the government who overlooked it so you can wear anything you like. The cheapest helmet i have seen here is just under £2 and is something like a polystyrene lined pvc bowl. I bought a helmet for about a fiver as it seems to be quite a reasonably protective one. It is an open face version that comes no lower than the top of the ears with a chinstrap. I wear it most of the time, usually overday, to (a) accord with the law and (b) to keep my hair clean :-) In the evenings when there is much less traffic and dust I rarely wear it as it is just too wonderful to potter around in an ideal climate in my sandals, shorts and T shirt. Whilst this goes against my many years of riding large capacity "weapons" in the UK wearing nothing but full leathers, boots gloves and full face helmet ALWAYS, I really cannot explain how I fully justify having zero protection here. It is simply a very different attitude to motorcycling, highway use and different general awareness of personal safety that is totally unlike the UK. I am sure some will consider this far from sensible but without living here I would respectfully ask those people to reserve judgement. Maybe the guy I saw recently on a 125 with his passenger carrying an 8ft x 4ft sheet of 1/2" plywood over their heads (on the way to a construction site I suppose) would say he felt perfectly safe? Its just very different here :-)
Topic Eagle BX: a C1 copy made in China By C1owner Date 20.06.11 16:54
In the city shopping mall here they had several manufacturers vehicles. I thought one was, remarkably, a BMW Mini....until I got within 5m! I cannot recall the Chinese manufacturer but it was a blatant copy of the BMW Mini, and of far less quality. I am certain that no C1 owner will be in the sightest bit impressed with any of these Chinese ripoffs. Opening and closing the door on this "Mini" was something like opening and closing a packet of cornflakes....really....don't even think about it unless you are under, say 10 years old, and would like a toy :-)

I have no idea how so called "international copyright laws" do not make these manufacturers think twice about doing these things. However, manufacturers of superior quality vehicles (even adequate quality) would probably not be too concerned about these very poor copies. It really will notbe taking any food from their tables. Anyway, as we all know....plagiarism is the highest form of flattery - and the inability to do it well is even more flattering :-)
Topic New to the International Section! By C1owner Date 05.05.11 17:02
Im sure that would work! Where there is a will there is a way!

Pleased to say that I left a windkit with sue in Bedford and have just organised, online here in the Philippines, for DHL to ship it to Ireland :-) You gotta love the internet...and friends of course :-)

Topic New to the International Section! By C1owner Date 04.05.11 02:39
When this Forum began, I never expected to be using this section of it! However, I have now moved to the Philippines so I suppose that gives me entitlement.

In time I will be investigating how to get at least one of my C1's here as, so far, it is simply not possible. I love a challenge! :-)

Topic Happy 8th Anniversary! By C1owner Date 05.03.11 12:00
There are just three things you need to know about that image/article.

I am a photo editor
The article was in Twist & Go Magazine
It was in the April 1st edition

But its good to know it is still having the desired effect many years later!

Topic Happy 8th Anniversary! By C1owner Date 03.03.11 14:34
To all of 333 Sqn who attended court with me EIGHT years ago today! Those were the days of looong crocodiles of C1's cruising the highways.....maaaaan, time flies! Great days :-)

I have uploaded images and a video clip for your viewing pleasure here:-

Topic Windscreen replacement By C1owner Date 13.02.11 18:09
I don't think I will be filtering down anyone's end!
Topic Old C1owners never die.... By C1owner Date 10.02.11 21:03
...they just buy Honda Goldwing 1800's!

I am still in touch with several members of 333 Squadron, one being Warren Limber who now lives in Texas, and he mailed me about another member who some here will doubless recall. I will say no more but check this!

Brilliant. Still helmetless after all these years!

LOL :-)
Topic Bust my Wind Deflector By C1owner Date 10.02.11 13:38
Erm...bit puzzled with posts here and a PM from you Stu. You say you have a tinted RHS front deflector here in the thread yet yr PM asks me if I have one? The link above states what I have remaining. Hope this helps?

Incidentally, but harsh calling me a joke. I spent several years doing my best for many fellow C1owners to have these brilliant kits. Sorry if any recent dealings did not go as you wished. In short, the factory did not stick to the agreement we made when I viited them back in 2002. However, glad you got sorted with parts elsewhere :-)


Topic Bust my Wind Deflector By C1owner Date 10.02.11 01:00
Erm not sure what site your referring to last stock list appears on the Forum here:-;hl=

I think I mentioned there that I also have a huge box of all related fixings and I would be prepared to offload the whole stock in one heap at a discounted rate.

Cheerz :-)
Topic Bust my Wind Deflector By C1owner Date 09.02.11 21:01
I still have parts :-)
Topic Crash research :-( By C1owner Date 09.02.11 20:45
Wrap it with Black Carbon Di-noc. Its an amazing material :-)
Topic C1 For Sale By C1owner Date 05.01.11 20:33
Chris...very sorry this matter partially hijacked your advert! However, it is a good way of keeping the ad at the top of the pile and drawing interest to it! So...back to the subject......who wants to buy his C1?

Topic C1 For Sale By C1owner Date 05.01.11 15:27
"Ceased to exist!" you say.....

"If I hadn't kept it locked up in the garage, it would have nuzzled up to the door, forced it open and VOOM!"

"VOOM!? Mate, this C1 wouldn't "voom" if you put four million volts through it! It's bleedin' demised! It's passed on! This C1 is no more! It has ceased to be! Expired and gone to meet it's maker! It's a stiff! Bereft of life, it rests in peace! If you hadn't locked it in the garage it would be in the scrapyard! It's mechanical processes are now history! It's off the twig! It's kicked the bucket, it's shuffled off this mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisibule!!"

"The BMW C1 prefers being stored in a garage! Remarkable vehicle, innit Squire? Beautiful paintwork.....!"

But enough of this analogy....

Since buying it 7 years ago I have been required by DVLA to either tax it or declare it SORN each year. It has always been the latter of course. So maybe there IS life in the old girl yet :-) There is no mention in the log book (V5) that it is anything other than a BMW C1 just like any other on the road.  Ipso facto, its here, for sale, for return to use as was or for parts, as desired. A snip at five hundred of your most shiny English pounds.

(Back to the enalogy....)

"Sorry squire, I've had a look 'round the back of the shop, and uh, we're right out of C1's. I got a slug?"

"Pray, does it work?"

"Nnnnot really."

Topic C1 For Sale By C1owner Date 04.01.11 21:18
"If there is structural damage, then it becomes a Cat B write off and it's illegal to sell these I believe."

My point is that surely nobody can stop you selling a C1 if you are not saying it is roadworthy or fixable and if you are selling if for parts or maybe saying that if you put all those parts on a new chassis you can end up with a roadworthy vehicle? I bought it so if what you are saying is right then the guy who sold it to me was in the wrong? I am just trying to work out what can and cannot be done in this useless nation of legislation. Irrespective of my findings I am still advertising it anyway on the basis that it is a wreck. I just dont see anything incorrect about being blantantly honest! No idea what sort of write off it is or might me. I have no paperwork other than the log book and nobody has actually said it is a wreck apart from me and whoever has seen the cracked chassis. For all I know (care) the previous owner could have fallen off, done the damage, never said a word to anyone and simply sold it to me. Does that still make it a write off unless its been in some way "certfified" as one? If no insurance nor police were involved it must be a rather different case to if the insurers had paid out on it? No idea if they did.
Topic 125 Exec (write off) for rebuild or spares By C1owner Date 04.01.11 18:27
I have replied to your PM but for general info to others i post the same response here also :-)


As the advert says, it is at the back of my garage so no pics. However, it is best to see it anyway I think. The price is £500 collected and this is much less that the sum of all the parts as spares of course. So its a good deal either as a rebuild project (new chassis required) or for parts :-)

Kind regards,

Topic C1 For Sale By C1owner Date 04.01.11 18:22
So I cannot sell my written off C1 with a broken chassis? Says who?
Topic happy xmas By C1owner Date 28.12.10 16:48
I did thanks :-) Hope you did too :-)
Topic 125 Exec (write off) for rebuild or spares By C1owner Date 21.12.10 18:45
i mentioned under another heading that I may be selling my doner C1 but thought it would benefit from its own heading.

I have now decided that I will let my "doner" 125 black C1 Exec go for £500.

This bumped into a kerb at 30mph about 6 years ago and the frame cracked rendering it a write off. Broken screen, usual scuffing where it slid down the road and ACTD had the ABS sensor off the front wheel. Otherwise, its a perfectly good stack of C1 parts with an engine that was running perfectly well until it fell over. I would have thought the engine alone must be worth a good proportion of the £500 so with things like wheels, brakes suspension and all the other very expensive tiny bits, should make this worth the money. Buyer collects. I have no pictures as it is currently hidden in the back of my garage (behind a couple of other C1's and household stuff) so do let me know if this floats your boat :-)

Topic Engine C1 200 CC wanted By C1owner Date 20.12.10 02:19
I have a 125 engine for sale if thats any good. Its in a complete (almost) Exec C1 and you can have the lot for £500 collected. But I am sure you will find a 200cc somewhere.
Topic long time no post... Front fork leaking. What can I do? By C1owner Date 01.12.10 18:03
Chortle chortle.....see you Friday :-)
Topic long time no post... Front fork leaking. What can I do? By C1owner Date 29.11.10 19:48
My Silver 200 failed the MOT on a leaking fork seal. I have established that it will be circa £220 for the repair at Wollastons. I booked it in and forgot to enter it into my diary (DOH!) so forgot to go. I emailed to apologise for my poor memory and asked for them to offer me a couple of alternative dates to attend again. Nothing heard for a couple of weeks.....

Being a believer in destiny I thought "aye oop lad!" something is telling you not to do this! Then I stumble upon this brlliant thread. Its currently dark and very cold outside so I do not know the cause of the fork leak. But from the descriptions most helpfully recorded here, I am guessing that a clamp or two will remedy least for the duration of an MOT one hopes! I followed the above link to the clamps and they were still I ordered a couple. You folk here may have saved me a few bob as even I am prepared to get some grease under my fingernails for a saving of this magnitude! Particularly as I am not as flush as I have been....:-) Here's hoping it works.

Many thanks C1owners :-)
Topic C1owner's 125 Exec is up for grabs! By C1owner Date 18.11.10 23:27
Here is a piece of C1 historic memorabilia for sale! My 2001 C1 has now been in my garage for 5 years whilst I have been using my black or silver 200 variant. The 125 was the original one that I was driving throughout all of my court battles and its claim to fame is that it has never been used with a helmet!

But aside from this, its just a joe average black 125 Exec with a tinted windkit, maintained by Woolastons until garaged. At that time it was in perfect working order. I dont recall it having any marks on the bodywork and I dont recall the mileage. I took the battery off when I garaged it and anyone who buys this would either need to attend with a battery and some servicing gear or a means to haul it away for the same treatment.

No idea what it is worth but open to suggestions...offer away!

I am undecided about selling my black 200 Exec and the other 125 that is a write off (for donor vehicle purposes) but I could be tempted. ACTD raided a couple of bits off the write off i seem to remember (abs sensor maybe?....memories gone lol) its got no screen but was running fine up until the previous owner slid it into the kerb and broke the chassis! As I said....offer away! :-)

Topic C1 Electric Motor Conversion? By C1owner Date 18.11.10 21:52
The hoop looks a bit spindly....or am I imagining it?
Topic C1 Electric Motor Conversion? By C1owner Date 17.11.10 15:03

Topic Benelli Adiva 125 for Sale By C1owner Date 23.05.09 11:32

> What similarities

lovl....I think it has 2 wheels?
Topic New BMW C1 succesor at last in 2009 !!!! By C1owner Date 23.05.09 11:31
From Carver to Clever? They can't even spell correctly....Compact Low Emission Vehicle for Urban Transportation Clevur?
Topic How to make my C1 look good? By C1owner Date 01.05.09 22:58
Topic How to make my C1 look good? By C1owner Date 30.04.09 21:40
A cloth over that rear number plate, a prime F1.4 lens and ambient light instead of a flash would have assisted in bringing the subject to the front. And on the matter of the subject, I particularly like the way you have briefed her in the important fundamentals of ensuring good stability at standstill as I note she has her feet well apart. Excellent direction. In virtually all initial meetings with subjects of this type, I always seek to get their feet as far apart as possible. It is refreshing to see that another photographer is as committed as me in this regard.

Topic Blue and white is pure delight - South Africa By C1owner Date 30.04.09 15:58
Sent via email and also seen here....

Clear kit

Tinted Kit

PP :-)
Topic Blue and white is pure delight - South Africa By C1owner Date 29.04.09 16:41
Well, when I say I dont have any front deflectors, that is not strictly true. It is more accurate to say I have none for sale. On the basis that I might require spares for my own needs, I have some here. Imma forward planner dont you know!

I just emailed you about the side screens.

I would be prepared to buy in another 10 full sets from the manufacturers (they may supply me with a small order but I was previously buying in 20's) if there seemed enough interest, say five or six people here said they wanted a full kit. I just do not have the space to store the stuff. But its quite frustrating as people are asking me for odd bits quite often these days.

Topic Blue and white is pure delight - South Africa By C1owner Date 24.04.09 01:15
Hi Craig, dont panic, I can assist. The Italian (non-BMW but far supeior) windkit is supplid in 5 sections. Two front deflectors that wrap around the mirrors and goup the hoop to about the highest point. Two side screens that continue on from the front deflectors and fill in the sides adjacent your shoulders/head. The front fixing of the side screen is the same one as the rear fixing of the front deflectors and these should not be fitted without the front deflectors. Finally, the rear screen is a stand alone part that fills in the opening behind you completely.

I have 3 rear screens and five pairs of side screens - all clear. The rear screen will be £85 plus shipping and a pair of side screens will be a further £90 plus shipping ie £175 plus shipping for the three sections. These are all brand new in manufacturers packaging. Let me know if you wish to purchase any.


Topic PP's Silver 200 By C1owner Date 21.04.09 14:47
Update! (after almost 6 years!). The Silver C1 is still looking pretty good and has aged less than me it seems!

Sadly, the other side is in a sorry state as some lowlife pushed it over a while back and trashed the front deflector and mirror. No starter moter at present either but aside from that, still looking good and going strong :-)

Topic wind kit By C1owner Date 17.04.09 02:33
Sorry folks for neglecting this place a bit and not seeing the above. Best to contact me via email which should be around somewhere.....aside from my alter ego, I am not too tricky to find lol. I have parts and am still in touch with the manufacturers but not so well organised these days :-( Still dont know if I should bring another batch in....

Topic Blue and white is pure delight - South Africa By C1owner Date 17.04.09 02:26
I have some rear screens I think....I shipped to SA previously......not too cheap as I recall....however, let me know :-)
Topic Collection By C1owner Date 17.04.09 02:24
I didnt know that BMW actually MADE that many!
Topic New BMW C1 succesor at last in 2009 !!!! By C1owner Date 08.01.09 15:12
Is this a joke?
Topic Italian Wind Kit By C1owner Date 08.01.09 15:02
Oh dear! Im sure the rate is not quite that bad and that sounds like someone is on the make. If there was enough demand another batch could be shipped in and I am quietly confident that they would not be so expensive. The manufacturers only supply in bulk and the more you buy, the less they cost. I recall starting with an order of 20 in 2002 and all was going fine until my agreed "sole importer" status was "overlooked" and some French bloke started selling them. I did not feel the marketplace was big enough for two suppliers so I knocked it on the head. Also I was not interested in getting into a price war kinda thing so I left him to it. But it seems after a fairly short time he vanished and people were then mailing me asking for more! I didnt really like the feeling of people coming back to me out of desperation to be honest. But I suppose there is no alleigence anywhere these days as most people are out for the cheapest they can get. I still maintain that the full windkit is the very best addition to any C1 - especially this weather! Its positively toasty! :-)

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