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Topic End of an era By andrew parry Date 23.08.20 16:37
Just got on to it.  Yes, my kind of site.  Like I always say to people, on a Townmate every ride is an adventure.  One of the reasons why I plan to go to Slovenia on it rather than my GS.
Topic End of an era By andrew parry Date 23.08.20 16:34
Wow.  I had heard about this but not read the full story.  The bodywork is amazing - such skill in creating it
Topic End of an era By andrew parry Date 23.08.20 16:29
That's rather good.  I wonder just how far one could go in creating a full "GS" version of the Innova?  Sump guard, crash bars, aluminium panniers, headlight grille...
Sorry - just seen the earlier pic with the panniers.
Topic End of an era By andrew parry Date 23.08.20 09:44
A GS Innova?  Souns interesting.  I struggle to upload pics here but would love to see a photo - maybe trial and error.
Topic End of an era By andrew parry Date 23.08.20 09:43
This is brilliant!  Thanks
Topic End of an era By andrew parry Date 16.08.20 11:22
It is the Yamaha T80 Townmate.  Very similar to the Honda C90 Cub except it has shaft drive, 4 speed gearbox and is 80ccs.  Also a slightly larger fuel tank.  They are becoming quite collectable.
They are also very tough, as this video by Extreme Trifle from 2011 shows...
The plan is for me to ride from Kidderminster to Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 10 gallons of petrol.  I like a challenge!
Topic End of an era By andrew parry Date 15.08.20 18:03
Thanks Bob.  Good to hear from you.  I still have very happy memories of the 2012 rally you organised in Slenaken.
I gave the Sammy Miller museum details of your website in case they ever need specialist advice.
I still have my Yamaha Townmate to play around with and hopefully will ride it to Slovenia next year - I had to cancel this year's trip....
Topic End of an era By andrew parry Date 12.08.20 18:24
Thanks for this.  The Murena sounds interesting.  Just looked them up on Car and Classic - they seem to be quite an affordable classic for one that's in need of restoration.  And worth the cost of restoring judging by the price of ones that are in really nice condition.
Yes, I'll stay in touch.  Must get round to stripping the ebay engine I purchased some years ago and checking that it is as sound as the vendor claimed.  I purchased it as a source of parts for mine after it seized itself but I ended up sourcing new parts instead and the spare engine has sat untouched.
Topic End of an era By andrew parry Date 11.08.20 17:55
Wow, that is some museum!
I visited the BMW Museum in Munich some years ago and they had a C1 Executive in pristine condition.
Topic End of an era By andrew parry Date 11.08.20 12:20
Well, the day has finally arrived and I have waved farewell to my Family Friend, my remaining C1 and the one which I have owned longer than the other two.  Also the one which has given me endless trouble and headaches.
The beginnings of this decision came about a couple of months ago.  Having done a lot of extra work to the bike (new brake lines, paintwork making good, etc) I began to find I was not relaxed riding it - so worried about it getting damaged. Let's face it, these bikes are now becoming old and ones in good condition are rare. I decided at that point to stop using it day to day and instead save it for shows and events.  However, a few weeks ago I happened to visit the Sammy Miller museum in the New Forest.
There is quite a BMW collection there but no C1.  So, after much reflection, I decided to offer the bike as a donation to the museum.  They accepted the offer and this morning it was collected and is now on its way there where it will be well looked after.
I still love all things C1 and will continue to visit this forum.  I also have some parts to get rid of, including an engine I purchased off ebay but have never have time to take apart and check over, so might advertise that in due course.
Topic Dashboard refurb By andrew parry Date 19.05.20 09:42
I did mine last autumn.  As you say, time consuming getting the old horrible coating off but looks so much nicer now in satin black.
I found I had to be vert careful getting the old finish off.  I used Nitromores stripper but if left too long it seemed to soften the plastic.
Topic Hi to everyone in C1 land! By andrew parry Date 20.04.20 17:24
Well done.  Yes, now is an excellent opportunity to attend to these tasks.  You have done a good job Paul.
The problem now with mine is that it looks so tidy that it's a shame to use it day to day.  Fortunately my wife concurred and agreed I buy another shopping trolley so the C1 is kept for best.
The new shopping trolley is a Honda Vision 110.  Quite an amazing machine and so so easy to work on.
Topic Rattling/chattering noise finally located. By andrew parry Date 30.03.20 16:48
Update.    Arghhhhh.  Still got the rattle!  At least I now have fully refurbed caliper and new pads.
Topic Protect your C1 from Covid-19 By andrew parry Date 25.03.20 17:03
Mine has had a persistent dry cough each time I start it for ages and starts to feel very hot after a while so perhaps that's what it is.
Topic Rattling/chattering noise finally located. By andrew parry Date 05.02.20 19:11
I note that the replacement pins are threaded.  Rybrook BMW could not even get a non-threaded pin so I had to order from Germany.
I did check the forum for posts but could not find any.  Perhaps we need a distillation of all the known problems and various ways of fixing them.
Topic Rattling/chattering noise finally located. By andrew parry Date 30.01.20 15:46
For ages now I have had a rattling/chattering noise but only when when I take a right hand corner.  Quite loud and annoying but it was impossible to tell exactly where it was coming from.  I suspected loose baffles in the silencer and replaced it with one off Ebay  but the problem persisted.
When having some paintwork done recently the paint technician (at Fisher Restorations) suggested I examine the rear brake caliper but first of all to check by applying the rear brake gently when I hear the noise.
Did this and discovered the rattling did indeed ease off.
I have now had the caliper apart and found that the hole that the brake pad pin seats in at the far end has worn completely oval.  This means that even with the (brand new) pin fully inserted and retaining clip fitted, the end of the pin is slopping around, allowing the pads to rattle about against the disc.  I should have taken a photo to add to this post.
Being the tight-fisted soul that I am, rather than buy a replacement caliper from BMW, I have taken the caliper to our local engineering shop.  They will try to insert a sleeve into the worn hole then drill out to the correct size.  Failing that, apply some weld and re-drill.
I look forward to being able to report that I am now rattle free!
Topic C1 press kit By andrew parry Date 01.11.19 11:22
I have not come across this before.  Fascinating.
Many thanks
Topic C1 expert for Service and Repairs in the Midlands By andrew parry Date 06.10.19 13:20
Hi there
Only just spotted your post.  I live in Kidderminster and am happy to advise on most issues.  I do my own servicing and have rebuilt the engine twice (once after a broken cam chain - a known weakness)
Topic My project C1 w your help.. By andrew parry Date 01.10.19 18:57
Yes, BMW prices are eye-watering.  I normally do all my own work but I have just acquired a lovely 2008 year F650GS.  Has a service history but first thing I did was change the oil and filter.  It's now telling me it needs a service - probably because it is a year since the last BMW service.  I asked the local dealer about resetting the system.  No.  They would only do that if they completed a service.  They confirmed it would just be an oil change and filter.  £160.  I will now go ahead and buy the interface device and software so I can reset the computer myself (and enjoy looking at all the fault codes etc)
Topic Rust removal and refurb of small parts By andrew parry Date 15.08.19 15:09
Decided to give my C1 a thorough overhaul before winter, including shot blasting and powder-coating the steel frame holding the radiator.  I noticed that many of the fixings (U-brackets especially) along the way were badly rusted, so did my usual trick of soaking them overnight in vinegar.  Quite an improvement for most of the parts but two U-brackets were still seriously rusted up and would need further wire-brushing and sanding.  All rather fiddly. I wondered what would happen if I put them in the ultrasound bath (Lidl's finest) in vinegar.  Amazing!  You could see the rust just falling off.  A light sand afterwards, clean in white spirits and they are now ready for a coat or two of spray Hammerite.  I have treated all the other fixings to this process and they have come up almost like new.
Topic Are you still with us? Please reply .... By andrew parry Date 02.12.18 15:25
Yes, always a sobering experience when a fellow rider you know well has a serious accident.
I'm still around and use my C1 almost daily.  Have rebuilt the engine twice now.
Topic Working on Engine By andrew parry Date 10.08.17 19:18
About supporting the bike if you have a bike lift, this is what I do.  Get bike on lift.  Raise up.  Place two car ramps on end either side to create "step ladders".  Put a timber beam across.  Lower bike onto beam.  I have done this for many years without mishap and can work on the stand mechanism with ease as well as checking valve clearances, doing engine removal, etc
Photos to follow if they are not too big.  PS, front wheel can be strapped down for extra stability.  By raising and lowering the lift the rear wheel (with shock absorbers unbolted) can be raised and lowered, allowing easy access to the engine.  Am currently replacing the started motor - collecting a new one from Racing Planet tomorrow.  £28.
Attachment: 20170810_201353.jpg (747k)
Attachment: 20170810_201406.jpg (477k)
Topic leak from engine By andrew parry Date 10.08.17 19:08
Concur with HelmetHair.  Prime suspect has to be the water pump impeller seals (and worn shaft).
Curiously the only other time I lost coolant was a pin hole in one of the hoses.  It only showed up as what appeared to be a tiny "thread" from the hose once the engine was up to temperature.  This "thread" was actually a micro jet of coolant!
Topic Body work panel clips By andrew parry Date 28.06.17 12:02
Came to remove the panel behind the front wheel and although I keep the clips coated in copperslip, one of them had seized onto the torx bolt so tight that it tore away the mounting point on the plastic.
I have repaired the plastic (cut out the damaged area and bonded + riveted a new piece in).
All the clips on my C1s are showing signs of corrosion so I wondered about replacing them.  BMW still stock the clips but are something like £1.50 each.
I did my own research and discovered they are called "Chimney U Clips", M5 size.  I ordered a pack of ten from Homesmart, Wolverhampton via Ebay.  £5.49 delivered.
They have just arrived and as you will see from the photos are an exact replacement.
I am also soaking the original clips in vinegar.  Lidl sell cornichons in a neat container with a lift out basket.  Ideal for de-rusting small items.  The metal turns black but is then ready for a generous coating of copper slip.
Attachment: C1Clips001.JPG (625k)
Attachment: C1Clips002.JPG (629k)
Attachment: C1Clips003.JPG (627k)
Topic Base model red C1, 51 plate, low miles. SOLD By andrew parry Date 13.06.17 16:26
Yes, just found out.  Am about to try again.
Topic Base model red C1, 51 plate, low miles. SOLD By andrew parry Date 12.06.17 20:16
Thanks.  Will take some pics tomorrow and upload
Topic Base model red C1, 51 plate, low miles. SOLD By andrew parry Date 11.06.17 16:23
Hi everyone.  No longer need two C1s having at last got my other one rebuilt and back on the road.
I acquired Masi (MA51) in August 2011 when she had done only 2,500 miles.  I was going to keep her for Sundays and shows but I have ended up using her more routinely as my other C1 has been so troublesome.  Now has 7,500 miles on the clock.
Although Masi was MOT'd when I got her she needed a lot of TLC.  She has however performed faultlessly - took me to the Dutch rally in May 2012, from where I continued to journey down to Austria.
She comes with the rear rack but no top box.  I have added a 12v power socket and hazard lights.  I can also supply cargo nets which I have never got round to fitting and a brand new right hand side lower fairing (the one which goes under/round the foot board)
Looking for offers in the region of £1,400
Can email more photos upon request.
Andrew (Kidderminster, Worcestershire)
Attachment: C1June2017001.JPG (610k)
Attachment: C1June2017002.JPG (618k)
Attachment: C1June2017003.JPG (644k)
Attachment: C1June2017004.JPG (629k)
Attachment: C1June2017006.JPG (610k)
Attachment: C1June2017007.JPG (601k)
Attachment: C1June2017008.JPG (619k)
Attachment: C1June2017009.JPG (624k)
Topic Are you still with us? Please reply .... By andrew parry Date 19.06.16 21:24
I'm still here in Kidderminster but don't have so much time for chatting on the Forum.
Two C1s - Red and silver family friend with engine out while I rebuild it (main bearing and big end seizure last October)
Red base model which I took to the 2012 international rally in Slenaken with Gerard.
Topic Number plate and rear indicator black plastic mounting bkt By andrew parry Date 23.03.16 17:56
Looks like they are still available from BMW at about 41 euro.  I just used a larger washer on the inside of mine after I knocked the indicator while reversing.  No visible damage.
Topic ABS & Speedo Issues By andrew parry Date 13.12.15 21:36
A tip we were shown at the Dutch rally in 2012 to check the front wheel bearing was this.  With the bike on the stand, spin the front wheel with one hand while the other hand is on the handlebars.  A worn bearing gives a distinct  rumbling vibration through the handlebars.
Topic Random Start Problem - Fuel Pump ?- FIXED TDC SENSOR By andrew parry Date 26.09.15 19:32
Just had the same thing with mine.  Was proving really difficult to start from cold - needed full throttle!  Started fine from warm.  Had checked all the usual culprits (New HT lead, fully charged battery, checked valve timing, etc).  Gave up and took it to my local dealership in Birmingham.  Their diagnostics picked up a fault with the crank sensor.  Part replaced and now starts on the button.
Topic This is a bit embarassing By andrew parry Date 23.12.14 21:03
Hi Lawrie
Great to hear from you.  Hope all is well.  Can you not be tempted back to C1 ownership?
Topic 3M Car Wraps Instead of Re-spray? By andrew parry Date 20.11.14 16:54
I'm thinking about it for next year.  It's a very quick process but the surfaces do still need to be well prepared.
Topic cam wheel tightening By andrew parry Date 20.11.14 16:52
Have just had the same cam problem on my machine.  Have never removed the sprocket from the cam when replacing valve shims.
The symptom was that of becoming increasingly difficult to start from cold.
Have ordered a new camshaft and sprocket (£190, ouch!) and, after reading the above posts, have ordered a new washer and bolt.  If it happens again I'll go for the weld-together option.
Oh the joys of C1 ownership.
Topic Torquing Cylinder Head By andrew parry Date 25.10.14 16:42
Yes, exactly what I have done.  No problems
Topic Exhaust... By andrew parry Date 13.10.14 20:59
My exhaust split near the cylinder head after hitting a loose hyrant cover in the road (front wheel somehow flipped it open). I got a serviceable one off ebay for £80. My son will repair my damaged one but that will not be ready until after Christmas.
Topic International C1 Meeting, Bruges Ghent Antwerp Companions? By andrew parry Date 04.10.14 16:46
Yes, me too.  I greatly enjoyed the Dutch rally in 2012 and am ready again for the next international event in 2015
Topic Aldi heated seat + back By andrew parry Date 18.12.13 20:57
The tip I have heard is to wear the heated seat cover as a tabbard under your bike jacket.  Cosy.
Topic Bumper / crash elemant By andrew parry Date 03.05.13 23:20
Hi Bob
Yes, these look good.  Might be in need of a pair but will see how I get on making one good (left hand) element from two damaged ones this weekend.
Topic Calne Bike Meet 27th July 2013 By andrew parry Date 14.03.13 22:06
I'll attend again this year - it's a great event
Topic Bham meet By andrew parry Date 11.02.13 23:31
Hey folks, it looks like interest has waned and weather looks poor.  Are there any definite takers out there or shall we fix something for the Spring?
Topic Bham meet By andrew parry Date 10.02.13 13:18
The Formule 1 looks very adequate - I've used them many times in France.  Basic but clean.
Topic Bham meet By andrew parry Date 03.02.13 20:06
Yes, I'm OK for 16th and would be OK to stay overnight if there are any good deals locally.
Topic Bham meet By andrew parry Date 27.01.13 21:53
What abut towards the end of February?
Topic 13th Annual C1 Meeting: Toulouse By andrew parry Date 28.11.12 22:10
Hi folks

I have now made other arrangements for next year - just seemed too far to go.  It was a long haul coming back from Mayrhofen after the Dutch meeting in June this year.
Topic "Morning Sex" By andrew parry Date 01.11.12 20:42
Topic C1 died on me By andrew parry Date 14.10.12 08:06
Bizarre.  I wonder if this would be a symptom of the main plug into the dash board being loose?  Or would the engine stop too?
Topic REtire By andrew parry Date 02.10.12 21:08
Hi Pam, Paul
So sorry to be losing you both from the forum.  Have really appreciated your contributions.  Do keep in touch by email
Topic 12 volt socket surprise x2 By andrew parry Date 03.09.12 22:23
I'm sure all this can be rectified.
Topic 12 volt socket surprise x2 By andrew parry Date 03.09.12 20:25
You should all be charged

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