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The BMW C1 Forum - Structure & Acceptable Use Policy

Structure of the forum.

This forum is privately owned, but is provided free for the benefit of all wishing to use the facilities to enhance the ownership of the BMW C1 and to disseminate information regarding the vehicle's upkeep.

The forum is owned and paid for by its administrators, hereinafter known as the 'Admin Team'. Administration issues which cannot be agreed after discussion are voted on by the Admin Team and the majority decision is then enacted. On occasion, new administrators may be invited to join the existing team. They should be able to bring something new to the forum, whilst maintaining the core principle, namely that all information and facilities are free to use.

Whilst major decisions are taken by the team, the forum has developed largely because of member input - sections have grown out of an initial idea by a member with the willingness to collate and manage the information. If anyone has a suggestion which they feel would improve the forum, then please post it on the boards or send a private message to any of the Team.

Acceptable usage policy.

This forum is provided as a free resource to members. A certain standard of common decency is expected by those who provide this facility and by those people who wish to use it.

All sections of the forum are currently open to registered members. However, the 'Helmets and Campaigns' section is one which could require more selective access due to the need for certain issues to be kept relatively confidential. Accordingly, the option remains for this area to be turned into a limited access section where access is granted upon request. Happily, however, this is not the case at the moment.

If any post is deemed to be unacceptable, then the Admin Team will take the appropriate action (see below). If someone feels a post is offensive (for example, because it offends a minority) then they may request that the post is removed or edited. In all cases, if a post is moderated, then the author will be contacted and informed of the reason - an explanatory post may also be made in the relevant thread. It is hoped that this will be a rare occurrence.

Any individual who posts on this forum is deemed to have passed copyright of that posting to the forum. The administrators will only consider requests to remove postings where they could be deemed to be offensive or to contravene the law.

The following actions are available to the Admin Team.
1. The post can be quarantined for further discussion by the admin team. If the content is agreed to be relatively innocuous, then it may be returned to its original location. However, if it is found to be contentious then the post may be edited (and replaced) or permanently removed.
2. The post can be moved into another, more relevant section. This may include the 'politics and personalities' section - this is a section that is only accessible if a member has requested access; it allows for more 'heated' debate, whilst being kept away from the majority of users who only wish to discuss C1 matters in 'good humour.'

It should be noted that if the post is the last in the chain of conversation, then it will be the only one that is removed. However, if there are posts following on from the offending post, then the complete sub-thread may have to be moved. This may give the impression that posts have been moderated for no reason. If a user feels that their posts have been unjustly moved/removed/edited then they should request clarification from the Admin Team.

Occasionally, a sub-thread may be branched into its own topic. This may occur, for instance, if a thread has digressed in a completely 'off-topic' direction.

As a rule, postings will not be moved or quarantined unless they cause offence or threaten to spoil the enjoyment of the forum by causing damage to the forum or its membership, including promotion of rival websites which weaken the forum membership base. Additionally, postings which attack the Admin Team, either individually, or as a group are not acceptable.

If a member persists in using the site in a manner perceived to be spoiling the forum for the majority, then the administrators may temporarily suspend their membership to allow a cooling off period. In this case, a member will be advised privately and will be informed how long the suspension should last. If possible, a warning will be given in an attempt to avert such action.

In more serious cases, a member may have a permanent ban applied.

Other than this, please enjoy the forum. It's here to discuss what's good and not so good about the world of C1s - there should never be a dull moment!
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