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- By jp72 Date 09.10.10 19:03 Edited 10.10.10 13:23

I'm proud to present my new diagnostic tool, "Motorrad Tester
One" (MT1). It is an evolution of the C'mon that is meant to support all
BMW motorbikes.

The MT1  have the following features:
- Autonomous operations, no need for a computer, batteries or smartphone, just plug it into diagnostic socket!
- Read VIN and Autodetect the motorbike
- Display motorbike infos (VIN, software, factory date, ...)
- Display engine parameters ( temperature, speed, rpm, ...)
- Test Functions (abs, switches, oil & abs lights, probes and sensors) -
- Service Toolbox : purge abs, reset probes adaptation parameters)
- Service log : log faults, changed parts and fixes.

The tool provide an intuitive user interface through its color graphical
touchscreen. It currently is able to support 5 differents languages :
English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

The tool will be proposed with 4 different software versions :

- BASIC : Manage up to 3 motorbikes for two different variants (ex: G650
+ C1-125)
- ENTHOUSIAST :  Manage up to 10 motorbikes for two different BMW series
(ex: C-Serie + K-Serie)
- CLUB : Manage any motorbikes for two BMW series (ex: R-Serie +
- PRO : Manage any motorbikes for any BMW series

Current bike support is BMW C1, F650CS, F650GS, G650X. Support will be
developped soon for K1200, R1200.

Some of the features above are still under developpement and will be
available by the end of this year through firmware update. Firmware
upgrade is very easy, plug the tool to any PC through its mini-usb
socket, it will be recognized as a USB thumb key. Then drag and drop the
firmware file and you're done!

You'll find below a picture of the tool and some screenshots.

Stay tuned! :-)



Parent - By C1ive Date 09.10.10 22:14
Hi Jerome,

It looks very impressive, how much are they?
Parent - By jp72 Date 10.10.10 06:16 Edited 10.10.10 13:11
The BASIC version for BMW C1 is 300EUR.

This is a special price to keep on supporting the C1 community :-)

Parent By 993turbo Date 12.10.10 06:53
Great Jerome, really looking forward to receiving my unit!

Thanks for the good work!
Parent - By FruitRaider Date 03.12.12 13:05
MT1 Diagnostic tool
Can I buy one? Jerome
Just started riding a C1
If you have a better price on a used / demo one, that would great. The reason I got the bike is to save money.
Details please if this project is still alive
Martin in Sussex
Parent By jp72 Date 03.12.12 16:25
Sent you a PM
Parent - By jp72 Date 17.10.10 18:32
Here is the latest video demonstration of MT1.

The first part is in English, the second part is in German.

Parent - By 993turbo Date 05.11.10 20:06
The MT1 works really well! Highly recommended!!! Job well done Jerome!
Parent - By jp72 Date 05.11.10 20:13
Thanks :-)
Parent - By actd Date 11.08.11 14:33

Just curious - it's now possible to pick up OBD2 bluetooth gismos for about £20, and an app to use this on smartphones for another £3 - how feasible is it to create an adaptor to allow the bluetooth to plug into the moditec plug?
Parent - By jp72 Date 11.08.11 15:08
Sorry mate, there no chance you manage to make this work :-)

ODB2 gismos only work with cars. The reason is that US standard regulation agency forced worlwide car manufacturers to use a common protocol since the 90s to access diagnostic information.

This was unfortunately for cars only, that's why motorbike diagnostics tools are still specific to brand and model today.
Parent By actd Date 11.08.11 18:27
Bugger - seemed such a nice idea :-)
Parent By RegB Date 12.10.12 16:33 Edited 12.10.12 16:37
Well, kinda/sorta true that OBD tools are aimed at "cars and trucks" and that the US was "influential" in that standard.
SOME OBD-II tools also boast CAN bus capability, e.g. Actron and Equus.
How much interpretation/analysis they do of what they detect/read may be another story,
i.e. they may only retrieve "raw data".

Anyway, congrats on developing this tool.
Now comes the TOUGH part, getting it to market at a competitive price that is also profitable - without having to sell zillions of 'em.
Parent - By Ultrablast Date 12.08.11 11:42
Does it support the R1200 GS yet?
Parent - By jp72 Date 15.08.11 16:11
I shall start support in September, as soon as I can have access to a R1200...
Parent By RegB Date 12.10.12 16:34
I could offer access to a K1200S.
It is kinda far away though (USA) and I can't offer air fare.
Parent - By RegB Date 26.08.13 14:21
Hi again,
September (of last year) came and went - - it is almost here again.
What progress toward supporting K & R bikes ?
What plans for selling in USA ?  - - where we don't get QUITE so crippled by insurance rates on large displacement engines and fuel is less expensive than in UK and most of Europe.
So more of us have larger displacement bikes.

Not that we think fuel is CHEAP (-:
Parent - By Barbarossa Date 27.08.13 14:34
My sister lives in L.A.
I recall her telling me a while back that she and her husband hod sold their Dodge Laramie twin-cab pick-up ( some huge V8 petrol engine, 5.7 litres I think ) because petrol was now over £1.50 a gallon ............
It's about £6 a gallon in the UK.
Parent By DaveMiller Date 27.08.13 15:28
It's definitely cheaper in the US - though not quite by that much.

According to it's hovering around $3.57 at lowest - and of course that's for the smaller US gallon.
With a dollar at about 65p, and the Imperial gallon about 1.2 US gallons, it comes to about £2.78 a gallon.

Now, how much would a hose pipe be ...
Parent By RegB Date 28.08.13 13:53
The 5.7L engines are still quite common, though for historical reasons they are still often referred to in CUBIC INCH displacement, e.g. 350 cu in.
It does seem insane, given that they don't put out much power and the "driving style" (for want of a better term) in most of USA is mostly slow
and sluggish.
In Massachusetts we are currently paying around $3.50 per small gallon - the one comprised of eight little 16 ounce pints (-:
My wife has a Dodge Durango, which also has the 5.7  - - maybe 14 miles per US gallon for mostly short trips.

I think the taxation and insurance rates by engine size encouraged small displacement high efficiency engines in Europe, they didn't do that in USA
for ....whatever reasons, perhaps to encourage the growth of the oil industry (just guessing).

I recall coming to the US from England and thinking I had a huge engine at 250 cu in., which I calculated to be about 4.1L
I did the arithmetic on fuel price and salary, figured relative to everything else it was a lot cheaper to run than my 850 Austin mini had been.

BTW, C1 have recently come into stock at local BWM bike shops here, so fuel prices DO have an effect - - EVENTUALLY. 
Parent - By jp72 Date 27.08.13 21:40

Unfortunately no progress since our last chat - mainly due to low demand and lack of time. In the meantime I've sold most of my stock so I'm not considering starting a new batch...

Sorry :-(

Parent - By RegB Date 28.08.13 13:55
Not to keep pushing the US market, but C1s are showing up at a couple of local dealerships here.
and the US market IS BIG.
Parent - By Ultrablast Date 28.08.13 14:20
Assume you're talking about used bikes?
Parent - By RegB Date 31.08.13 15:12
I meant NEW C1s are showing up at dealerships in the USA.
For tools, accessories, clothing, etc. it is a BIG MARKET for just abut everything
and the language barrier isn't TOO bad, they speak an almost English (-:
Parent - By Ultrablast Date 02.09.13 13:05
Wow. I wonder where they're getting them from, seeing as they stopped manufacturing them 10 years ago.
Parent - By RegB Date 02.09.13 22:53
Errr, Ummm, it is POSSIBLE that these are a slightly different model,
also LIKELY that I don't know one model from another.
I'm not at all knowledgeable on scooters (or much else).

Anyway, here is a link to a dealer within about 50 miles of where I live;
I can vouch for the fact that they DO EXIST as a physical dealership, I have bought
a few odd accessories and clothing items there.

Not sure how this works, but I think they discount them from full list price on
the grounds that they are "used demonstration units" with half a dozen miles on them.
(something like that)

Also, how does this one look ?
a few more on the parent page;
This dealership is about 20 miles from my home - another, "not just a web ghost store" that I have bought from,
actually had my K1200S dyno'd there.

Ahhh, where else ?
I bought my K1200S here;

Starting to realize that they are calling them C650 and C600 - not C1s
Is that the big difference ?
Are they still basically the same/similar bikes ?
Parent - By Jethro Date 03.09.13 09:48
The C600 and C650 are completely different bikes from the C1 - they are Super-scoots with extremely good performance and handling whose only problem is their relatively high price (in the UK), otherwise I would have one.
In no way related to the C1.
Parent By Simon Date 03.09.13 18:39
Agree there. Obscene retail price.
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