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- By Victor Date 29.11.19 17:55
Hi All, My C1 just failed it’s MOT as rear shocks are leaking. Can anyone advise me where to buy replacements? And is it a DIY bolt off, bolt on job? Or does it need special tools? Thanks in advance, Victor.
Parent By rockstedy Date 29.11.19 18:34
Replacing rear can be done with set of 13/17 sockets and torqued 41top/21Nm bottom within 20min if you as fast as me. Front is a different story but can be done within 2h if there no surprises. Best choice if you keep bike for yourself/value for money is YSS fully adjustable:
Parent - By patc50 Date 29.11.19 19:06
You can get Hagon shocks in the UK.  There are mixed comments about them as some people have said that they begin to rust quickly ...... but they are cheaper than the YSS alternative. If you can afford it then YSS is the way to go.  Easy enough job.

Parent - By Victor Date 29.11.19 20:33
Thankyou for both responses. I think I’ll go for the Hagon as more affordable and I hardly use the bike at all. Do I literally unbolt and bolt on? Or do I have to jack the weight of the bike up a bit? Any advice would be gratefully received
Parent - By rockstedy Date 29.11.19 22:08
No need to jack bike for that. Please remember replace one at the time.
Parent - By aware Date 30.11.19 06:32
Jack it up or lay it down on the floor ie like it has fallen on the side (carefully to not scratch the plastics).
Parent - By HelmetHair Date 30.11.19 09:16
No need to jack up or lay down. Remove battery box for access. Do one side at a time.
Spanners and a socket set and job done.
Parent - By patc50 Date 30.11.19 10:10
As mentioned above, no need to jack it up if you do one at a time. However, I do use a jack just to ease the weight off the shocks then the bolts are just a bit easier to remove.
Parent - By aware Date 30.11.19 13:49
If you change brand eg Hagon then the length is different so unfortunately you need to jack it up.
Parent - By HelmetHair Date 30.11.19 16:28
I didn’t jack up with hagons either.
Parent By mcallaway Date 02.12.19 23:39
Just a thought and could be worth checking. I received a recall notice from BMW a while back to replace the shock absorbers on my donor C1, so might be worth checking with them if there is an outstanding recall on your bike.
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