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- By aware Date 27.09.19 11:09
My bike is new like almost out of the factory... ...with 90,000 km's on the clock...
The rear part is dancing samba when I corner and I was wondering IF anyone has ever changed those two very big rubber bushes at the base of engine that mount on the frame.
IF anyone has, can you please tell how hard this process is and IF you saw any difference after installing new ones.

Thank you!
Parent - By p.gill Date 27.09.19 11:53
Well funny you should mention!
Two days ago I felt the bike was getting a ‘little loose’ upon investigation I too thought it was these bushes were wearing out, but it was the two M10 nuts holding the rubber mountings that had come loose! So a quick tighten and then an additional half nut has cured the problem!
Parent - By aware Date 27.09.19 15:28
Mine are super tightly screwed in...
Still I suspect that this behaviour can be also a combined situation coming from worn front suspension bushes AND engine rubber bushes.
Parent - By leonm Date 28.09.19 06:13
have you taken a good look at your shocks?
Parent - By aware Date 28.09.19 09:31
Shocks are relatively new YSS gas/oil hybrid for Honda SH300.
Dirt cheap ones for 120 euros the set, so yes maybe these aren't as good as they should.
Makes sense to swap when I have time (ie after I die!!)
Parent - By leonm Date 28.09.19 16:20
from your description of the ride/handling I would be looking at a completely shot shock and here a hand test has some value.
Clearly a shock that fails a hand test is trash. Any shock that's leaking oil is also trash.
let us know when you pin down the cause.
Parent - By aware Date 29.09.19 07:51
I checked the shocks, rock solid...
Parent - By V2k Date 29.09.19 08:29
if not that then only issues really are with the nylon bushes inserted into the sub frame tube or engine bearing mounts maybe
Parent By aware Date 30.09.19 04:44
I didn't even know these nylon bushes exist.
Posibly those need to be renewed anyway.
Samba... de Janeiro!
Parent - By leonm Date 29.09.19 13:39
i presume rock solid in the sense of integrity and not seized up!
Parent By aware Date 30.09.19 05:26
Rock solid... like my pride of owning a C1!
Not seized up!
Parent By HelmetHair Date 30.09.19 08:10
Have you had someone hold the bike steady while you try to sway the back end?

Then you can find if there is a loose bush, rather than all this randomness!

Am assuming you’ve pumped tyres up and ensured front shock is firm (so you can’t push handlebars down to the ground easily)
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